The Piano Man through the years 🎹

PARTIZAN director WARREN FU and Freddy Wexler present the music video for BILLY JOEL’S “TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON,” which leans heavily on Generative A.I. developed by DeepVoodoo to re-create younger versions of Billy performing the new single.


A perfect 10! Rock Paper Scissors Editor DAMION CLAYTON warms the heart for KIA’S big game spot with David & Goliath.


PARTIZAN produces one of the most beloved spots of this year’s Super Bowl. MICHAEL GRACEY’S delightful “Life Is A Ball” campaign for LINDT makes The New York Times’ “Best of the Bunch” list in their post-game roundup!


STALKR vets vintage vignettes for Volkswagen’s “An American Love Story” big game spot with Johannes Leonardo.


Biscuit Filmworks director DANIEL WARWICK boards the love train with LL Cool J for COORS LIGHT with Droga5.


Biscuit Filmworks director JEFF LOW joins Vince Vaughn and Wayne Gretzky to remind Tom Brady that he’s won enough for now with BetMGM and Highdive.


Rock Paper Scissors editor LAUREN DELLARA lets luscious locks loose for KAWASAKI with Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


Biscuit Filmworks director ANDREAS NILSSON says “oui” to the perfect present in the official Super Bowl spot for ETSY with Orchard Creative.

Serious star power 🌟 Rock Paper Scissors editor DAVID BRODIE and the MakeMake Entertainment team weave together the chaos and magic behind bringing 46 of the biggest pop stars on the planet to record “We Are The World.” 🌎 🎶 “The Greatest Night In Pop” is now streaming on NETFLIX .

Hot new bop alert 🔥🚨 SEBASSTIAN ZOTOFF of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS edits Justin Timberlake in the new music video for

The nominations are in!! 🙌 Directors WES ANDERSON & VINCENT RENÉ-LORTIE each have received nominations in the Best Live Action Short Film category!

Wes Anderson of THE DIRECTORS BUREAU for his clever short film “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” and THE CORNER SHOP Vincent René-Lortie for the dramatic “Invincible.”


Virtual Production

Post Production

Live Action

Biscuit Filmworks

Based in Los Angeles, Biscuit Filmworks is a full-service production company that represents a diverse collection of directors – and serves a diverse collection of clients – from all over the world. Since its founding in 2000, by executive producer/director team, Shawn Lacy and Noam Murro, Biscuit has spent the last decade earning an international reputation for its smart, conceptual work, and has received many industry awards, including AICP, DGA, and Cannes.

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Live Action

The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop is a majority female and minority owned company founded by Anna Hashmi in 2013. An Emmy and Grand Prix winning International Production Studio, with offices in Los Angeles and London, we work with a diverse roster of filmmakers and directors with authentic voices and stories to tell. We produce award winning commercials, short films, scripted digital content, music videos and documentaries.

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Live Action

The Directors Bureau

Founded by Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau is the home to many talented film makers and artists, whose work spans over many different disciplines from photography to music videos to commercials to film.

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Live Action


Doomsday Entertainment, founded by Danielle Hinde, is an industry-leading production company that leverages its innovative talent to create cutting-edge projects including music videos, brand content, short films and documentaries. In 2022 Doomsday won the Grand Prix Lion in Entertainment for ‘This is Not America’ and the Grand Prix Lion for music video at the 2019 festival. Other awards include Best Music Video at the Grammys and Latin Grammys, Gold at Clio and Ciclope, as well as several MVPAs, MTV VMAs, and Best Video at SXSW and AICP Awards.

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Live Action


Florence is a welcoming and diverse family of culture-defining artists who share a vision that great art challenges status quo and makes the world a better place to live in. Whether it’s an agency, artist, brand, or entertainment partner, Florence collaborates with those who share a passion for making a positive impact on culture.

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Live Action

Gravy Films

Gravy Films is a full service production company based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2015 by Brent Stoller, Gravy works with a diverse group of award-winning directors to create exceptional content for their partners.

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Live Action


Established in 1991 and twice listed as the Gunn Report’s “Best Production Company in the World”, Partizan is one of the industry’s leading content creators for music videos, commercials, documentaries, feature films, animation, digital and branded content for online as well as interactive events and installations. Partizan continues to flourish, evolve and grow hosting facilities in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, the Middle East, Sao Paulo and Berlin in addition to its strong online following.

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Trevor Shepard is an independent tabletop director and the brand confidant to some of the most ubiquitous food brands and their trusted agency partners. He was the co-founder of the product design studio Woodshop, the place where he first combined his passion for shooting food and motion graphic design.

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Virtual Production

Impossible Objects

Impossible Objects is an award-winning Virtual Production Company designed to help define the future of film and entertainment by embracing next-generation real time processes such as game engines and LED volume stages to streamline content production. IO services the full spectrum of Virtual Production, enabling a nimble and effective solution for Film & Video Production demanding the cutting edge.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors edits for the world’s top directors, studios, and advertisers. Founded by Angus Wall and Linda Carlson, rock paper scissors holds offices Santa Monica and New York and is the parent company to creative studios a52 and Elastic.

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Visual Effects


a52 is a boutique visual effects studio in Santa Monica, CA. Established in 1997 as part of the Make Make Entertainment group, a52 is a destination for the very latest high-end photo-real vfx while being home to the industry’s most innovative and talented artists.

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Animation / Design / Live-Action


Elastic is a group of filmmakers whose collective voice developed across a collection of visual mediums. Launched in 2008 by the founders of Rock Paper Scissors and VFX studio a52, Elastic works across a hybrid of mediums to produce the most innovative work in advertising and entertainment.

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Color Grading


Primary is a collective of world class colorists defined by superior craftsmanship and collaborative excellence. We understand that color influences the emotional shift from one frame to the next, and so our work is motivated by creating continuity, maintaining harmony, and delivering results with integrity to a client’s vision.

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Partizan studio

Partizan studio lives and breathes design and animation in all its forms, nurturing and supporting talent across the globe. The international roster SPANS POWERHOUSE TALENT FROM MICHEL GONDRY, H5 AND PETE CANDELAND TO EMERGING DIRECTORS such as ART CAMP, PICNIC STUDIO, CLARA BACOU & ANNE HOREL in addition to many other talented and varied studios, animators and mixed media artists.

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Sourcing & Licensing


Uniting creative producers with visual research teams across Los Angeles, New York, London, and Berlin, STALKR is the industry’s premier digital partner for sourcing and licensing found footage for commercials, films, audio and episodic television. Working closely with brands and ad agencies worldwide, STALKR curates material from user-generated platforms, film studios, footage archives, sports leagues, home movies, celebrity influencers, independent filmmakers and all other sources.