Director, Actor, Writer, Producer and Emmy winner NATASHA LYONNE has joined the roster at The Directors Bureau for global representation.

A phone camera so good you can shoot the next big film! Editor ALYSSA OH for Xfinity x Apple iPhone 13 with Goodby Silverstein + Partners.


It’s ‘the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ and we’re celebrating with editor ALYSSA OH in this fun and hilarious spot for FritoLay starring Jimmy Fallon.

AARON STOLLER proves the game doesn’t end off the court with retired NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett and 72andSunny NY for BetMGM

The debut music video from WES ANDERSON is here! The French Dispatch original theme song is celebrated in the hand-drawn work of art ‘Aline🇫🇷

Talking to Gordon Ramsay isn’t always easy. AARON STOLLER features Ice-T, Matt Ryan and Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Gordon Ramsay a call for Tide with Woven Collab.

For the things you need!  CLAY WEINER scores comedically for AFFIRM “Amazon” with VSA Partners Chicago.

Hottie Sauce. Direction and campaign stills by KAJAL for POPEYES with Megan Thee Stallion and Gut Agency Miami.

Live your dream. GREGORY REESE  for CIBC with Juniper Park TBWA.

The Power of Dreams. Follow Director PAUL MITCHELL through a fantastical jaunt down memory lane for HONDA with RPA. Narrated by John Cena. VFX: a52. Colorist GREGORY REESE

You have to see it! AARON STOLLER showcases the pervasive power of storytelling for Tiktok with Publicis Le Truc.

Free stuff feels amazing! CLAY WEINER directs for CREDIT KARMA.

Be Off the Wall my friends. BEN MULLINKOSSON directs for VANS in partnership with Shanghai’s premiere skate brand, Avenue & Son, on the “Flicks of Fury” Skate Sid.

Welcome KAJAL! Director, Photographer, Writer and Brooklyn’s very own has joined FELA for commercials and music videos!!!

The schoolyard is a new frontier. LESEAN HARRIS takes us back to school for Nike x Kids Footlocker.

Take a stroll down NBA Lane. Editor JAMIE FOORD takes us on a ride with Michael B. Jordan to celebrate the 75 year legacy of the NBA with Translation.

Descend into Darkness. ADAM PERTOFSKY edits for Diablo II with 72andSunny.

Live the unbelievable. JOCELYN & DAWN present us with a few unlikely champs for Oculus Gaming.

Welcome to the club. SARA DUNLOP gives the lowdown on what the Apple Watch club entails.

Roll up to the VMAs. CAMERON HARRIS for Toyota MTV’s VMA break with Viacom Velocity

About Love. EMMANUEL ADJEI for Tiffany & Co. with The Carters.

A huge congrats to our clients a52 VFX, Primary and STALKR for their part in the EMMY-winning collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy and Pulse Films on Nike “You Can’t Stop Us”!

Who’s a well adjusted boy? DAVID SHAFEI for Petco with Droga5.

WELCOME Copenhagen based director BINE BACH to Biscuit Filmworks.

Tennis is LIT – YONI LAPPIN directs for USTA

“Convergence Station” Meow Wolf. ANDREAS NILSSON takes us on a bonkers train ride for Meow Wolf latest surreal installation with Wieden+Kennedy and music by Bret McKenzie.

It’s more than just a ball thorough a hoop. Editor AUSTYN DAINES and Colorist KYA LOU illuminate the importance of basketball for the Chicago community through sports journalist Scoop Jackson for Nike with Wieden+Kennedy.

Big Pizza corps just can’t keep up! PETER MARTIN serves up another for Little Caesars.

RODRIGO SAAVEDRA  gets crafty for Eisenbahn produced by LANDIA

And we’re LIVE folks! ANDREAS NILSSON celebrates Hulu + LIVE TV.

Cadillac goes electric. RACHEL MCDONALD debuts the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq in a sexy spot with Regina King.

Go higher, and higher! Colorist DANIEL DE VUE and a52vfx take Subaru to the highest peak with Carmichael Lynch.

A whole new reality for Billie Eilish fans. Editor PAUL HARDCASTLE takes us into VR with Billie Eilish and Oculus.

A little PLAY can make your day. Duo PETER MARTIN directs for CALIFORNIA LOTTO with David & Goliath. 

Would you steal from the devil? RODRIGO SAAVEDRA and Pedro Pascal show off stolen treasures for Casillero del Diablo with Grey Santiago and produced by Landia.

t’s a new world of cocktails. Editor ALYSSA OH, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52vfx get the block party started for Crown Royal with Anomaly.

Florence director ANTHONY PHAM photographs Harry Styles for the ‘Love On Tour’

College football is back! JULIAN ACOSTA starts Saturday strong for FOX Sports.

Colorist KYA LOU for Jennifer Hudson “Here I Am” filmed at The New Temple Missionary Baptist Church where Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” album was recorded.

This is Broadway! Stalkr sources for The Broadway League with Lucky Generals and VO by Oprah for the reopening of Broadway!

TRENT JAKLITSCH highlights Dollar General Literacy Foundation with BCW.

We are excited to announce that the husband and wife directing duo of Tania Verduzco & Adrian Pérez, aka Los Pérez, has joined Biscuit Filmworks.

#AlienGoddess. EMMANUEL ADJEI mesmerizes with Willow Smith and music by Bjork for Muggler with Publicis and produced by Phantasm.

This is impossible. ROMAN COPPOLA makes it 0% impossible for Chobani.

Smooooth shopping. Florence director Jake Dypka dresses Klarna with style. 

Vodka for the people! DIRECTOR X directs Kaley Cuoco for Smirnoff with 72andSunny.

Colorist KYA LOU for Telfar x Team Liberia x The Ummah Chroma.

The Carters + Tiffany&Co. EMMANUEL ADJEI teases the #AboutLove Tiffany campaign making Beyonce the first black woman to wear the iconic Tiffany diamond.

We can be healthy again. SARA DUNLOP reminds us that health remains the priority through the Olympic season for Lilly with W+K. 

It’s brutal out there for Olivia Rodrigo. ALYSSA OH edits ‘brutal’ for Olivia Rodrigo x Apple.

Calilujah! AUGUSTUS PUNCH debuts Califia Farms first national TV spot.

Let’s tennis! YONI LAPPIN serves it up for USTA with Yard NYC and produced by Schwaby.

Let’s get to immunity. Florence shows us the moments that are possible safely through vaccination for the CA Public Health with director John Merizalde and Duncan Channon.

Upgrade all of your upgrades. Creative Director PAUL MITCHELL upgrades with photo real CGI for Verizon Fios.

Eyes On the Prize: Hallowed Ground. Creative Director HEIDI BERG and Colorist KYA LOU honor the landmark docuseries “Eyes on the Prize” with this new doc special for HBO Max exploring the profound journey for Black liberation.

BEHOLD! TREVOR SHEPARD makes things extra crispy for Burger King with David Miami.

Discover your backstory. Creative Director CLARISSA DONLEVY crafts the unique story of Arthur Wade for Ancestry.

Happier Than Ever. Florence collaborates with Spotify’s in-house creative team to spotlight the 3 unique ways to listen Billie Eilish latest album. Directed by Sportscar.

Milk has been solved! CLAY WEINER for Planet Oat.

Decisions, decisions. STALKR and Editor TED GUARD give trust to our decisions for WSJ with The&Partnership.

Stayin’ on Yas. JAMES LEES gets funky with a spin on The Bee Gees for Yas Island produced by Dejavu.

The greatest dynasty ever. ISAIAH SERET, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52vfx educate us on the greatness of the Women’s Olympic Gold metal winning basketball team for Nike with W+K.

Variety praises FREE GUY directed by SHAWN LEVY at Pacific Rim Films. Out in theatres August 13th. #campmodinforever

What keeps you close? JAMES ROUSE shows the small the joys of keeping in touch for Whatsapp.

What do you Peacok? Editor ZOE MOUGIN shows whats to choose from on Peacock with Fred&Faird.

A new kind of Cinderella is on the way. RACHEL MCDONALD and Editor LAUREN DELLARA rewrite the story for Mercedes with Merkley + Partners.

A thanks to Carissa Moore. SHEENA BRADY gives thanks to Cariss Moore for Xfinity with GSP.

It’s about the music. STALKR sources whats behind the music and whats in the new Beats Studio Buds.

Designed to be deleted. Editor HAINES HALL deletes the profile for Hinge with Opinionated.

The horror continues. Creative Director HAZEL BAIRD delivers the main titles for the latest season of American Horror Story. Now streaming on Hulu

The AICP 2021 Awards show love to the well deserved work from the resource roster. Congrats to all the winners! #AICPAwards #AICPShow30

Learn the moves with the Longboard Family. Editor MIKKEL EG NIELSEN edits for Facebook with Droga5 and director FKA Twigs.

Colorist DANIEL DE VUE  brings color to Valk Kilmer’s documentary film “VAL” which premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

This isn’t about Tracy Morgan! CLAY WEINER makes it about the child tax credit in the The American Rescue Plan for Common Sense Media with GSP.

Talk to yourself about birth control. LAURA MURPHY shows us how with the help of Whitney Cummings for Annovera with McCann NY.

The future on your wrist. Editor AUSTYN DAINES and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE give us a first person view of the Series 6 Apple Watch.

Even UFC fighters get together for good drinks. AARON STOLLER faces  for Jose Cuervo.

Open for business! Colorist KYA LOU and a52vfx shape things up for Square.

Greetings from the Edge. Creative Director DUNCAN ELMS takes us to a futuristic utopia for HPE with JOAN Creative.

Medicine does not discriminate. SARA DUNLOP directs for Eli Lilly with W+K.

Relate to your pet. DAVID SHAFEI gives a pets perspective for Petco with Droga5.

Let’s learn with Lana! CLAY WEINER gives us a run down of custom shoes as Lana Condor learns from the ‘I Paint My Shoes’ Facebook group.

JULIA JOHNSON photographs for Audi.

The verdict is out! Gossip Girl is a hit! KARENA EVANS  highly anticipated reboot premieres tonight on HBO MAx.

No one comes between Emily and the big game! Editor HAINES HALL cuts for YoutubeTV with Cartwright.

Oh Brother! ROMAN COPPOLA for Spring Summer latest music video shot on an iPhone.

How To: Prevent a tragedy. STALKR sources for this powerful Sandy Hook Promise campaign with BBDO.

Can’t keep P!NK down! Editor ALYSSA OH edits the story of Pink featuring Cher in ‘All I Know So Far’ directed by Dave Meyers.

good 4 u. Colorist KYA LOU for Olivia Rodrigo’s latest.

Creative Director JEFF HAN, Editor ALYSSA OH, and Colorist GREGORY REESE present Netflix Asian American and Pacific Islander Stories Collection.

Ever had a video meet go this bad? CAMERON HARRIS presents a BRB solution with Charmin and Saatchi & Saatchi,

These target ads are getting too creepy. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE scares the rainbow for Skittles with DDB Chicago; directed by Tom Kuntz.

Light the way. PETER THWAITES goes all-electric for Cadillac with Leo Burnett.

The Corner Shop is delighted to announce that director, writer, creator and activist JOEY SOLOWAY is joining for commercial representation. Soloway is the Emmy and Golden Globe winning creator of ground-breaking Amazon series Transparent.

Descend into darkness. Creative Director LISA BOLAN cleverly blends CG and Live Action for Netflix’s ‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness’ main titles. Now streaming!

Get that water break! Editor JAMIE FOORD edits with style for Vitamin Water with W+K.

Sooo verrryy delicious. Woodshop Director Trevor Shepard and Creative Director Michelle Pak mesmerize for So Delicious.

Rethink the influence of API creators. Florence director Pham directs an API social anthem for Instagram.

What the fanta?! BIG RED BUTTON investigates the most mysterious flavor for Fanta with 72andSunny.

Purple meets memory foam. MAMA directs for Purple

One computer virus and it’s all over. a52VFX Supervisor PATRICK MURPHY introduces the new HP Wolf Security.

Don vs Lightning. BIG RED BUTTON directs a true story short film of a Scottish mans’ farfetched curse of repeated lightning strikes.

Greatness Starts with G. Colorist GREGORY REESE and a52vfx get to work for Gatorade with TBWA Chiat Day.

Medicine does not discriminate. SARA DUNLOP directs for Lilly with W+K.

Secrets, secrets are no fun… Unless it’s Gossip Girl. KARENA EVANS directs the Gossip Girl reboot series on HBO Max.

Loki is back! Editor PAUL ZUCKER teases Disney+ latest Marvel Studios series LOKI.

It’s never just another day in business. Director M BLASH, Editor HAINES HALL, and Elastic work together for Comcast Business.

Late at night, things get thrilling. DIRECTOR X pays homage to a music video classic in the latest for Roddy Ricch.

To all the fans. STALKR thanks the fans for HBO Max with BBDO NY.

Editor AUSTYN DAINES cuts for ‘District 9’ director Neill Blomkamp’s newest supernatural horror film ‘Demonic

Dump him! RACHEL MCDONALD lets us know we deserve better with Xfinity Mobile.

Everybody’s a skeptic. CLAY WEINER proves them wrong for Just Crack an Egg, produced through OPC.

When you can’t stop adoring. Editor AKIKO IWAKAWA and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE puts Harry Styles on repeat for Spotify.

a52 is the SHOTS 2021 VFX Company Of The Year for the second consecutive year! Congrats team.

The Directors Bureau welcomes comedy writer & director DORON MAX HAGAY whose credits include directing shorts for SNL. Welcome, Doron!

Jason Derulo’s creative muse is often his creative interruption. CLAY WEINER directs for Jack In The Box with David&Goliath.

Dance your way through a dystopian future. Editor ALYSSA OH and Mathematic VFX bring the future to us for Coldplay’s latest music video ‘Higher Power.’

Reconnect with a refreshed perspective. Editor CARLA LUFFE present’s Reeboks rebrand film directed by Jonas Lindstroem with music by Gabriels.

Wimbledon, the official tennis of Sipsmith Gin. JEFF LOW brings back Mr. Swan for a Sipsmith & Wimbledon announcement with Ogilvy.

An immersive musical experience for Prime Day. Florence directs Amazon’s Prime Day Show featuring Billie Eilish, HER Music, and Kid Cudi.

Tent & Trail. Editor and Director CARLOS ARIAS and Colorist KYA LOU get us to take a hike with Union + Air Jordan with guest appearance by Offset.

BEN STREBEL directs the new Skrillex, Starrah & Four Tet music video “Butterflies.”

Dive bars need us regulars back. MAMA refreshes us on the bar experience with the help of Iliza Shlesinger for Seagram’s 7 with Forsman & Bodenfors. #KeepTheDiveAlive

Apartment hunting isn’t so bad with Jeff Goldblum. a52VFX shows us how makes apartment listings easier for us and our varied pets, with RPA Advertisting.

No better time to have cell signal. CLAY WEINER  gives us full reception for Spectrum mobile.

Editor and photographer turned colorist, KYA LOU joins the roster at Primary. Kya is known for a grading style that is at once artistic, scholarly and emotionally evocative while working with brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein and Wales Bonner.

Thank goodness for poetry. SINDHA AGHA animates this poetry series for The NY Times created by the Mellon Foundation with the Academy of American Poets.

Shadow and Bone come to haunting life. Creative Director NADIA TZUO teases the TV adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling YA fantasy novels.

Discover your history. Creative Director CLARISSA CONLEVY brings a backstory to animated life for Ancestry.

Let social media give the praise! 🙌🏼 Woodshop puts together Popeyes latest campaign with Gut Agency.

That all powerful feeling when organizing… Colorist DANIEL DE VUE brings color to Command with Venables Bell & Partners.

The struggles are real! NOAM MURRO shows us techs daily complications for Spectrum.

Sports fandom incoming! Editor ADAM PERTOFSKY edits for Adobe with 72andSunny.

Let’s get to immunity. STALKR sources for the CA Department of Public Health with Duncan Channon to remind us that it’s okay to be worried, excited, or both when it comes to the vaccine.

The G is silent. Woodshop serves up the sourdough for Burger King with David Agency and Director Trevor Shepard with Creative Director Michell Pak.

Squarespace it! ANDREAS NILSSON gives the clever idea of where to showcase your clever ideas.

World Water Day celebrated with STALKR for Dockers with TBWA.

There for the kiddos. RACHEL MCDONALD shoots youthful wonder for Uniting Day Care produced by Rabbit.

Baseball, it’s officially back. Editor HAINES HALL and STALKR mark the time for baseball with Opening Day 2021 for Chevrolet and Commonwealth/McCann.

Airheads commercial? Skip it. MAMA can’t skip the fun for Airheads with Highdive.

Our own little sustainable worlds. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE and a52 VFX bring to life the little worlds we each live in for Ikea with Rethink.

Turn to cold washing with these Cold Callers. AARON STOLLER gives us the benefits of cold water washing with the help of callers Ice-T, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a few other familiar faces for Tide with Woven Collaborative.

MAINSTREAM ~ GIA COPPOLA directs Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke in the social-media satire ‘MAINSTREAM’ in theaters and on demand May 7!

Enjoy the sunshine safely. Florence and Neutrogena debut the trailer for ‘In The Sun’ following the journey of seven families and their unique circumstances with sun & skin safety. Directed by Bobby Moser & Kristelle ‘Kelsey’ Laroche.

AGUSTUS PUNCH joins The Directors Bureau! Welcome and learn more about directing duo Augustus Punch Alexandra Hamilton Bolton & Diesel Schwarze over at Shots.

Daydream something better. ANDREAS NILSSON lightens up the situation for GoPuff with W+K.

Moving can be daunting, but growth awaits. MIKKEL EG NIELSEN edits an imaginative trek into the unknown for Zillow with director Martin De Thurah.

FLORENCE goes to great lengths for Myd’s creative vision in ‘Let You Speak.’ Directed by Dan Carr.

DeafHoops take on anything. LAUREN DELLARA edits for Facebook with W+K.

Welcome the latest RPS addition, editor GAIA BORRETTI. Originally from Rome, and having lived all over the world, Gaia currently resides in Brazil & the UK as a classically trained violinist and as a kickass editor for the likes of Ian Pons Jewels, Vincent Haycock, Quinn Wilson and others.

Woodshop takes cravings to new heights for Taco Bell with Deutsch. Directed by Trevor Shepard with Post Creative Director Michelle Pak.

The creative influence is everywhere! blackpowerbarbie directs ‘We The Culture‘ for Facebook, a new content initiative that celebrates creative voices from the Black community via social platforms to invest and amplify the influence it continues to have on our culture.

Squad up for the Warzone dubs! Mathematic VFX pump up the action for Season 3 of Call Of Duty with 72andSunny and director Gibson Hazard for the all new 80’s era Verdansk. LetsGoooo!

Termites ruin all the fun. JEFF LOW and Colorist GREGORY REESE show us how easily termites can crash your good time for Terminix. 

Until Tomorrow. DANIEL WARWICK takes Ford into futuristic VR realms with BBDO.

A massive congratulations for a well-deserved Oscar win for editor MIKKEL EG NIELSEN on ‘Sound of Metal‘ directed by Darius Marder.

Let the pros guide you to choose better. DAVID SHAFEI brings together pros TonyHawk, Megan Rapinoe, and Marshawn Lynch for Subway with McGarryBowen.

You know it’s serious if mom is using her outside voice. JOCELYN & DAWN gets loud and serious for Science Moms.

We will hug again, soon. Editor GAIA BORRETTI embraces closeness for Zalando with director Vincent Haycock. 

Moms Deserve More. PETER AND ANNIE prep us for #MothersWeek in this campaign teaser for Portal from Facebook with RPA Advertising.

Fela welcomes Detroit based writer director KURT ANDREW SCHNEIDER to the team!

Mo’s Best Friend. DAN DIFELICE transports us into the many worlds of Sky Q.

Voices make waves. STALKR sources moments of voice empowerment for State Farm with Translation.

A big congratulations to Editor MIKKEL EG NIELSEN for earning an Oscar nomination for Best Editing on Amazon Studios film ‘Sound of Metal’

A lifetime of regrets. JEFF LOW shows us that the one thing you won’t regret is going with AmeriSave w/ The Martin Agency.

Eat Like You. ISAIAH SERET directs an epic cue to eat how you want for Taco Bell with Deutsch.

What’s your story? COMMON GOOD reminds us of our own personal stories for Ancestry.

Look closer, things are different. ADAM PERTOFSKY edits the edits for Samsung with Ogilvy.

Order in, help out. JOAQUIN + LALOU remind us of our local shops for those game days with AMEX+NBA.

DSC has you and your hairy body covered! ANDREAS NILSSON spotlights men’s grooming challenges in this epic musical for Dollar Shave Club.

JULIAN ACOSTA joins the The Directors Bureau family! Head over to to get the scoop on Julians blend of striking visuals with senses of exploration. Welcome, Julian!

No need to stay in one lane when being creative. Mathematic takes LilNasX through animated creative worlds for Adobe.

2021: Your earth odyssey begins. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE and a52vfx showcase the wild animal kingdom for Jeep’s Golden Globe spot with Highdive.

Grow those interests just like your houseplants! LAUREN DELLARA edits for Facebook Groups with WiedenKennedy.

Out Now! ‘Selfish Love’ directed by RODRIGO SAAVEDRA starring Selena Gomez and DJ SNAKE.

Happy International Women’s Day! a52 shows us the magic of women athletes for Nike with W+K.

The Jordan fam DNA is in all of us. ALASTAIR MCKEVITT, Editor CHRIS MITCHELL, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52 come together for Brand Jordan with W+K.

iHop’s national pancake day is cancelled?! MAMA directs serious yet delicious news for iHop with Droga5.

The future is here. And here can be anywhere. Editor TED GUARD, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52 give an exciting glimpse into the future for Microsoft.

A home at the heart of every American Dream. ROMAN COPPOLA directs a 100-Year Anniversary of home renovations for Lowes.

All, Powerful! Editor AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE edits for Athleta with Yard NYC to show there is strength in every shape and size.

Amend: The Fight for America. Netflix and MakeMake deliver an epic collaboration under their new full studio banner including a52vfx, Primary, RPS, Elastic. Take a look at the omnipresent fight for equal rights in America with host Will Smith.

To the shot takers. RODRIGO SAAVEDRA directs an anthem to those who brave the unknown for Hornitos.

Taking a break with some Coffee Kitkat. DUNCAN ELMS brews up the latest treat from KitKat with Droga5.

Keep that Jason Alexander Hoodie clean please! JEFF LOW directs the hit #SuperBowl spot for Tide with Saatchi & Saatchi.
No Way Norway! Editor ADAM PERTOFSKY edits the #superbowl GM spot starring an outrageous Will Ferrell on a mission to take down Norway!

These boots are made for walking! ANDREAS NILSSON directs the Big Game Klarna spot starring four quarter sized Maya Rudolph cowgirls with Mirimar.

Well then who was it?? Colorist GREGORY REESE and a52vfx show us that it wasn’t Mila Kunis who’s been eating all of Ashton Kutcher’s Big Game Cheetos with GSP.

Just in time for tax season! ANDREAS NILSSON directs the Turbo Tax #SuperBowl spot with W+K and a pair of galactic visitors.

Fairy Godmayo to the rescue. Editor HAINES HALL, Colorist GREGORY REESE, and a52vfx for the #SuperBowl Hellmann’s spot starring Amy Schumer with Wunderman Thompson/Swift 🧚🏻‍♀️

Every stage, a new beginning. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE and a52vfx show us the lifetime in the making walk The Weeknd took to the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show with GSP.

Stalkr sources moments of pure joy from iconic athletes for Michelob Ultra #superbowl spot with Wieden+Kennedy

Welcome To The World, Baby! a52VFX celebrates the thrills of being a new-born baby for Huggies with Droga5.

Get yourself out of that phone! RODRIGO SAAVEDRA directs an imaginative cell-phone world and how the simple treat of Nestle can you get out of it. 

Who is Bobby Spencer?? LAURA MURPHY directs a Busch Beer mockumentary with Observatory promoting the new Netflix series “The Crew”

What is healthy? BEN STREBEL defines what it means to be healthy for Atupri with Scholz and Friends and production by Rosas and Co Films.

The notorious Cecil Hotel, or as people call it, Hotel Death. LISA BOLAN designs the main titles for the Netflix true-crime docs-series about the disturbing disappearance of Elisa Lam.

Respecting tradition doesn’t mean always thinking traditionally. M BLASH directs a dairy celebration for Tillamook.

Even sailors and wrestlers practice safe socializing! JOCELYN & DAWN and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE  give thanks to Oregon in this PSA for staying 6 ft apart in all circumstances.

Wait what, the pizza sauce goes on top?! TREVOR SHEPARD serves it up Detroit Style for Pizza Hut with GSD&M.

The Holiday Beerman. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE introduces us to newest holiday character for Coors Light with DDB.

This changes everything! MATT DEVINE takes beer drinking everywhere for Carlton Zero through Revolver. Cheers!

ROMAN COPPOLA gives us a 50 camera view into Paul McCartney personal home studio for the clever ‘Find My Way’ music video!

Put a little love in your hear. PETER THWAITES directs AT&T’s Lilly and Lebron James in this tuneful holiday spot.

Netflix: Skip To 2021. Editor JAMIE FOORD gives us a musical binge with Netflix and AKQA São Paulo to give 2020 a goodbye!

It’s not a traditional resource Christmas without CLAY WEINER + JOHN ROBERTS’ Christmas classic ‘THE TREE.’ Crack open the Bailey’s, get to the tree, and celebrate with our favorite holiday treat! Let’s fill our holidays with happy memories & good health.

No better way to get 2021 started than with a reading by Cardi B Truth Teller. Editor LAUREN DELLARA gets our new years started right with the prophetic powers of Cardi B for Instagram & Facebook.

CLIQUA at Florence brings us more darkly visuals with the The WeekndSave Your Tears’ 

Colorist DANIEL DE VUE paints mesmerizing waves for London Grammer  Lose Your Head

Check out Leon go! DAN DIFELICE gives Leon an epic dance day out with the latest for Sky Q.

Staying satisfied with Woodshop’s latest for Planters Pop & Pour with Vayner Media

#OpenToWork FLORENCE shows us that the Linkedin community has all those covered who are looking to work. 

Rock Paper Scissors is pleased to announce that editor Paul Hardcastle has joined their roster for representation in the US.

Colorist DANIEL DE VUE for Masaerit debut of the MC20 ‘The First of it’s Kind’ 🏎

Join the moms and scientist who are working for our future. FLORENCE shows us real mothers and their honest perspectives for science-based decision making in this call to action campaign for

Yup. Free, free free. STEVE ROGERS directs a cleverly free campaign for Turbo Tax with W+K.

Love Protect Us. Florence new work for Kaiser directed by Kelsey LaRoche. “If we protect each other a little longer, we can hold each other a little tighter”

Plant protein from pistachios? That’s crazy. PETER MARTIN shows us what’s really crazy in this fun campaign for Wonderful Pistachios.

Ready for the moves. JUCO directs colorful energy for Target’s new family activewear.

Even wrestlers practice safe socializing! JOCELYN & DAWN thanks Oregon in this PSA for staying 6 ft apart in all circumstances.

What’s Omega Mart?! ANDREAS NILSSON and Willie Nelson take us inside the bizarre world of Omega Mart, a new grocery store themed immersive art installation from Meow Wolf with W+K.

Don’t Judge Me. EMMANUEL ADJEI directs the latest FKA Twigs visuals with VFX by Mathematic.

STALKR shows us real Americans for Budweiser ‘bigger picture’ announcement: For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not air a Super Bowl ad, instead redirecting their ad dollars to COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education. Agency: DAVID.

A soulful reassurance that “better days are coming.” HAINES HALL edits Justin Timberlake’s ‘Better Days’ for the Biden Inaugural concert, featuring students from Stax Music Academy in Memphis.

Greatness comes in many forms. Editor DAMION CLAYTON, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52 VFX bring us the newest ‘Behind The Mac’ for Apple with an impressive list of familiar groundbreakers.

STEVE ROGERS gets us off the couch and into the drivers seat for Old Spice.

Mmm… Crispy! TREVOR SHEPARD for Popeyes.

A dog can’t deny a good stick when he see’s one. JEFF LOW directs a bite full of stop motion animation for Greenies with adam&eveDDB.

Those simple McDonald moments.. JOAQUIN & LALOU direct a McDonald’s campaign we can all relate to.

Let’s keep California golden. PETER THWAITES catches rays of hope to save CA’s clean energy with Energy Upgrade California.

The holiday magic is stirring up as a52vfx brings to life a joyous teddy bear who calls for the holiday cheer in this campaign for Walmart with Cossette Agency

Comedy directing duo BIG RED BUTTON joins GRAVY FILMS! Take a fancy to some work here.

Creative Director HAZEL BAIRD designs powerful mixed-media titles for HBO’s ‘Between The World and Me.’ Inspired by the acclaimed book by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Shop for them and get yours too. SINDHA AGHA brings out shopping vibes for Facebook with Fallon.

A car that looks out for you. Editor CARLA LUFFE tells us a close-call story for Volvo with Forsman Bodenfors.

Some things in sports never change. CROBIN LEO directs a cynically charming spot for Adidas with Mojo Supermarket.

Hard-working Christmas elves are here to reinvent holiday gifting! Editor HAINES HALL, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52VFX create holiday magic alongside Santa Steve Carrell in this long-from spot from Xfinity with GSP.

You Better Not Pout… Christmas might not be the same this year but we can still have the spirit. NOAM MURRO, Editor DAMION CLAYTON, and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE give us hope for the holiday season with Meijer and The Distillery Project.

The Adults Are Talking! The Strokes and ROMAN COPPOLA reunited again after almost 20 years to deliver another classic music video off of their stellar new album.

Who do you think gets the last-minute shipments out in the late Christmas hours? SHAWN LEVY at Pacific Rim Films shows us products come to life at a Dicks Sporting Goods Distribution Center to make a late night delivery for one young boy’s home. Agency: Anomaly

The 2020 Ciclope winners are out! And there’s a LOT of love across our roster. Congrats to Rock Paper ScissorsBiscuit FilmworksMathematic VFXa52vfx, and STALKR. Check out the wins!

Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas is out now on Apple TV! ROMAN COPPOLA co-directs Mariah Carey’s musical special packed with all your favorite musical guests.

Find Your Joy. NOAM MURRO and Editor DAMION CLAYTON make a bored dog’s dreams come true for Microsoft with McCann Ny.

Women run it! Editor AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE and Stalkr show us the persevering endurance of women for Athleta with Yard NYC. #PowerOfShe

One Piece fans rejoice! PLAYER II present us with an epic One Piece monument featuring the beloved characters from the iconic saga. The statue has been 3D printed in all it’s glory and will be exhibited as the main center piece of #ONEPIECE Buster Call Exhibition in Yokohama. A must see for One Piece fans!

Making any place your workspace. Florence shows us how Microsoft makes working from home a whole lot easier. Directed by Kelsey LaRoche.

If you still haven’t already, VOTE! Let’s put out this dumpster fire. FLORENCE gives it to us straight with VO by Michael Ian Black and directed by Spencer Creigh. #VOTE

You don’t need to be a star to have a voice. Directed by HIRO MURAI. Visit Nike to learn more. #YouCantStopOurVoice

New from The Weeknd! CLIQUA at FLORENCE directs the devilishly sharp music video for The Weekend ‘Too Late’ with edit, color, and VFX by Ethos.

Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Latte cereal?! PETER COTE directs an impressive reveal for Dunkin and Post Cereals collaboration with Argonaut.


Breathe Easy. Editor JAMIE FORD and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE for Volvo with Grey Shanghai.

Arizona has a voting dream. MALAKAI & The Creators Lab with Win Black remind Arizona to get that vote count! Our future depends on it.

Two rocks and a water soaked choir. ANDREAS NILSSON directs absurdity for Vipps done through Bacon Production.

Who will protect the Oreos from the apocalyptic asteroid?! DAVID SHAFEI documents the heroic lengths Oreo have gone to protect our most beloved cookie, with The Community Agency.

Oh to get away. NOAM MURRO directs for Coors Light with DDB on this contest giveaway to win a trip to the background screen you’ve been staring at while stuck inside.

Take this fantastic voyage with MATHEMATIC VFX through the countless creative possibilities of Adobe Photoshop with 72andSunny.

Life needs truth. STALKR contributes sourcing for The New York Times with droga5 to illustrate how truthful journalism is nothing but essential.

FLORENCE directs remotely for Electrify America with Eleven Inc. Completely shot over Zoom with mailed in camera packages 👌🏼 Directed by ERIN S MURRAY with all post/VFX/animation/color by Ethos Studio.

FKA TWIGS ⚔️ HIRO MURAI deliver an exhilarating tussle in ‘SAD DAY.’ Watch the full film on Youtube and bow down to the greatness.

Let’s keep our bartenders pouring. AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE edits for Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey with Anomaly.

Trust in Tomorrow. Creative Director LISA BOLAN and a52 VFX create water colored visuals for Pacific Life with Innocean.

You can’t stop sisters! a52 VFX, Colorist GREGORY REESE at a52 Color, and Elastic team up once again with Nike and Wieden+Kennedy to show the iconic perseverance of Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Impossible Time… SINDHA AGHA presents this fascinating visual essay for Vox on how the pandemic has distorted time.

It’s Heisman Time! AARON STOLLER puts an end to the offseason for Nissan with former Heisman winners Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Mark Ingram, Charles Woodson, and Tim Tebow. 

#ItTakesAllofUs Director PAUL MITCHELL, Editor DAVID BRODIE, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52 VFX work together for NFL with 72andSunny to motivate for change. 

The Great Banana Migration. ANDREAS NILSSON directs remotely for Aldi Australia with BMF Australia through Revolver Willorourke.

A Europe exclusive ride. GREGORY OHREL directs colorfully for Citroën through QUAD, Paris.

New and improved. Gravy Films debuts the new site. Visit to see it for yourself!

Vote What You Started! Editor AUSTYN DAINES edits for to encourage all to participate in this landmark election, because just 30 seconds of your life will echo through history. #VoteReady

RODRIGO SAAVEDRA directs a wild ride for Jeep done through Landia.

Meet the one and only Eleanor T. Fitzsimmons. ISAIAH SERET directs a ‘particularly curious’ iShares story with DDB San Francisco.

Doubt. Create. Repeat. DANIEL WARWICK encourages us to doubt everything for WeTransfer with Preacher Austin.

Love Looks Better. GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD directs the latest music video for Alicia Keys off of the new album ALICIA.

“I’ve known everyone at RPS for a while, but I’m excited to focus my time here and make it my home” – Carla Luffe

Welcome Editor CARLA LUFFE to Rock Paper Scissors.

Género 101. FLORENCE premiers the global series from Amazon Music Latin celebrating the wide range of genres of Latin music with more episodes to follow!

RATCHED. Creative Directors HEDI BERG & FELIX SOLETIC and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE give us a sinister look at the unhinged nurse Mildred Ratched in Ryan Murphys new Netflix series.

UKMVA Nominations are here! Congrats to Doomsday, The Directors Bureau, Mathematic VFX, Rock Paper Scissors Editorial, and a52 Color for the UKMVA noms!

Play Has No Limits. Editor PETER BRANDT edits a stunning set piece in this epic spot for Playstation with Adam&Eve DDB.

It’s footlong season! DAVID SHAFEI directs Coach Belichick, Deion Sanders, and the Watt brothers to kick off the Subway Footlong Season.

Woodshop adds Director PETER COTE to the roster! Check out a couple slices of work from Peter for Cracker Barrel “Cheese Wisely” campaign with Vayner Media. Congrats and welcome, Peter!

What a stunning nightmare. PETER BRANDT edits for Martin de Thurah on the fever dream music video ‘Color Me’ by Active Child. Watch the full short film at

A wild take to some classic scenes. JEFF LOW comedically reinvents familiar moments for Rustlers with Droga5.

Director LAURA MURPHY joins GRAVY FILMS! Laura’s commercial experience includes directing for brands like Geico and McDonalds, as well as television credits for HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver” and Netflix original programming. Welcome, Laura! 🙌🏼

JOAQUIN & LALOU directs for Michelin through Control Films France. Let’s get moovin’ again.

JEFF LOW let’s all of us be kids in this fun campaign for Fisher-Price with Wieden+Kennedy.

CUT EM IN! Editor ALYSSA OH edits a high school blast for Anderson.Paak featuring Rick Ross.

More for the DM’s. SINDHA AGHA shows us what’s new for Instagram + Facebook cross-app messaging.

The mail carries hope. But only when it’s delivered. FLORENCE reminds us that we need to save our Postal Service in this important USPS PSA. Directed by Spencer Creigh with VO by Angela Bassett 💌 Text ‘USPS’ to 50409 to help the cause. #VOTE

LAMAR+NIK direct new Leon Bridges x Lucky Day ‘All About You‘ music video using a stop-motion technique known as strata stencil. All 4,500 frames of video were printed, hand-cut, and photographed frame-by-frame to achieve the mesmerizing tunnel effect.

ANDREAS NILSSON and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE treat us to Mountain Dew‘s sweaty new campaign with TBWA/Chiat Day.

A voice is all you need. ANDREAS NILSSON directs a lively campaign for Amazon Alexa with Droga5 London.

Exposing the government’s catastrophic mismanagement of the current global pandemic. Creative Director HAZEL BAIRD designs and animates main titles for ‘Totally Under Control’ for Neon and Hulu. Streaming now!

STALKR sources for Bumble with Mother to remind us how things were before the slow down, and how things are now. It’s time to connect.

Purely mesmerizing! Creative Director DUNCAN ELMS and Colorist PAUL YACONO create stunning visuals for the Nissan global logo launch with TBWA Chiat NY. BEHOLD!

The future awaits. ANDREAS NILSSON shows us the best is yet to come in this futurist spot for Telenor through Bacon Production.

New and improved. Biscuit Filmworks debuts the new site. Visit to see it for yourself!

Creative Director LISA BOLAN designs the Season 2 titles for the Emmy nominated THE ALIENIST. Now Streaming!

You can’t stop sport! Because you can’t stop us. a52VFX and Colorist DANIEL DE VUE once again team with Nike and Wieden+Kennedy to highlight the power of sports to bring us together.

Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Director: Oscar Hudson at Pulse Films
Editing: Joint Editorial
Colorist: a52color Daniel de Vue
VFX: @a52vfx Patrick Murphy
Stock Imagery: It takes a village!  Stalkr #nickersonresearch Wieden+KennedyJoint and many more!!!


Now streaming on Disney+
A film by Beyonce

Chain Reaction. CHRISTOPHER RIGGERT tells a grand story for HP on the power of business tech.

#HardFeelings  Jamie Webster of COMMON GOOD directs Miquela in this Unreal Engine train ride.

Editor PETER BRANDT joins Rock Paper Scissors Editorial! 🎉 Welcome to the family. Visit the site to check out the work!

Commercial and film director CHARLIE BUHLER joins Doomsday! Check out these beautiful stills from commercial and photo work. Stay tuned for more exciting news approaching on behalf of Charlie.

$1 floats?? Yess pls! Woodshop floats on over for Arbys.

Life Below Watera52vfx and colorist GREGORY REESE team with Google and Goodby Silverstein on this crucial doc about the devastating state of our oceans.

The inflicted injustice of eight wrongful convictions. Creative Director HAZEL BAIRD designs the main titles for ‘The Innocence Files’ on Netflix. Streaming this August 15th!

Nope, you’re not dreaming. PETER MARTIN directs a rollerskating bear for Little Ceasars.

CHARLIE BUHLER premieres her debut feature film ‘BEFORE THE FIRE’ a timely pandemic thriller. Available to stream now!

A stunning world of immersion. DAN DIFELICE at Biscuit Filmworks directs the first official PS5 commercial bringing to life the many innovations of the highly anticipated gaming console.

Is there such a thing as good manipulation? HAZEL BAIRD designs for HBO new doc-series ’The Vow’ – An examination of a modern day cult.

Mamba Forever. a52 VFX  teams with Nike and W+K for this KobeBryant tribute and reminder to continue being better, forever. #MambaMentality

Music to our ears. JAMES LEES and CHARLIE BUHLER direct the first performances for The SOUND/STAGE Series at the publicly empty Hollywood Bowl with the legendary LA Phil, Kamasi Washington, Andra Day and Chicano Batman. Watch the stream at

Creative Director LISA BOLAN designs the sinister opening title sequence for Netflix docu-series ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

F*** I Love New YorkJOAQUIN & LALOU got together with writer Mat Jerrett and editor Avi Oron for an insid-er’s look on the expressive ways New Yorkers state their love of the City. In memory of Milton Glaser. #miltonglaser

Editor CHRIS MITCHELL edits with director Arthur Jafa for ‘Wash Us In The Blood‘ – Kanye West ft. Travis Scott and Dr. Dre #GodsCountry

#LeadWithLove Director M. BLASH for P&G.

ANDREAS NILSSON directs the U.S. brand launch for Swedish payment app Klarna with Mirimar, repurposing years of Swedish cinema, TV, and music into unabashed advertising.




Dear Katherine… This is for you. Editor ADAM PERTOFSKY and Colorist PAUL YACONO show us what a treasure and inspiration Katherine is. LUCI Mobility with Opinionated Group #WheelchairSmarter

GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD directs the Netflix feature length adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel ‘The Old Guard’ starring Charlize Theron. Out July 10th!

STALKR teams up with Verizon to show us how connectivity is more important than ever in our current times.

Doomsday welcomes directing duo LAMAR+NIK to the roster! Take a peek at their lively work here.

A world of flavorful hydration. Editor JAMIE FOORD, Colorist GREGORY REESEa52 VFX and Elastic with John Legend for Bai with Deutsch.

The return of the underdogs! a52VFX works with Apple on this #WorkFromHome Short Film featuring the return of some familiar characters.

Stay satisfied with this salty campaign from Woodshop for Planters with Vaynermedia.

MELODIE MCDANIEL photographs for Chanel new Métiers d’art Collection. #CHANELMetiersdArt

RIP John Lewis. Art Director JEFF HAN designs the main title sequence for ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble’ on CNN.

PETER MARTIN introduces us to the beloved daredevil Nuts Von Crazy in this spoof for Little Caesars.

BISCUIT FILMWORKS presents fresh animation & design in this eclectic reel! 🤙🏼

WHITELIST director/choreographer Erin Murray’s music video for Thao & The Get Down Stay Down shows how we can still be creative and connected during these times.

Elastic’s ANDY HALL designs the stylish title sequences for Spies in Disguise.

Stay informed and stay connected. Rock Paper Scissors editor David Brodie shows us the power of story for Apple News

AARON ROSE brings vintage design & typography in this clip from the documentary Become A Microscope

TRISTAN HOLMES reminds us that we’re all still so connected in this video compiled with footage from friends and loved ones.

ANGUS WALL & LISA BOLAN at Elastic create this fantastical main title sequences for the Apple TV series Amazing Stories 🔆

Editor ALYSSA OH shows us ‘How To Be Lonely’ in Rita Ora music video.

elastica52Rock Paper Scissors During COVID-19:
All of our post companies are continuing to complete projects and have transitioned their entire workforce to work remotely. All 3 studios are outfitted to host remote encrypted sessions and all artists and editors are set up with all necessary equipment to continue to work on projects as needed.

DAVID WILSON throw-back to his interstellar animation for Tame Impala’s ‘Mind Mischief

JEFF LOW throw-back to the incredibly nuanced animation for Sipsmith with Ogilvy.

Happy 4/20! Enjoy the satisfying details of JOAQUIN + LALOU’S spot for Kiva Confections cannabis chocolate.

RACHEL MCDONALD lenses life during the pandemic in these project stills.

AARON STOLLER teams up with TBWA Chiat NY for this DIY gesture of these changing times for Snuggle. Featuring @astoller very own home, wife, kids, and dog! 👏🏻

Let’s give it up for #EssentialWorkers. Editor ALYSSA OH and Colorist GREGORY REESE shows us how American’s are showing their support from home. Part of Facebook “More Together Campaign” with Wieden Kennedy.

Phoenix + ROMAN COPPOLA. What more could you want in a music video? Watch the classic ‘Funky Squaredance’ by Phoenix and get a glimpse into the creative mind of Roman Coppola.

The athlete and the team that defined a sporting generation. CLARRISA DONLEVY designs the Main Titles for ESPN + Netflix’s Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls documentary ‘The Last Dance

Sometimes we can all just use a beer, and that time is now. ANGUS WALL + LISA BOLAN show us how beer can get us through anything for Coors Light with DDB Chicago #coulduseabeer

Creative Director HEIDI BERG, Colorist DANIEL DE VUE, and a52 VFX come together for the Main Titles of Netflix new series ‘Hollywood’ created by Ryan Murphy. Now streaming!

Remarkable how one small thing can change it all. MATT DEVINE directs this curious eBay campaign with McCann.

SARA DUNLOP gives Muse by Clio 2-minutes of creative insights into her world. Give it a read! 💫

JAMIE FOORD us how to listen to our mamas for Diet Coke with Anomaly.

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS is pleased to announce that Editor HAINES HALL has joined their roster for representation in the US. The move marks a reunion between Angus Wall and Haines who have worked together in their early careers and co-edited Mike Mills feature film THUMBSUCKER.

For all new moms in quarantine, you’re not alone. MIKKEL EG NIELSEN edits this touching spot for Facebook with Droga5.

To every mom doing their best. Editor DAMION CLAYTON shows us how mothers are working in a new way for Microsoft with M:united

‘Are You A Magician?’ GIA COPPOLA casts a spell in SOKO music video.

Enjoy the Zoom time with good laughs and good chocolate. JAMES ROUSE directs this cheeky campaign for Maltesers with AMV BBDO. Produced completely over Zoom with all casting and shooting done remotely with Outsider.

MISHKA at WHITELIST directs this creative music video for John Legend using crowd sourced footage from all over the world.

The power of media coverage is at its most sensationalized. TONY YACENDA directs the pilot for Netflix’s new series ‘Trial By Media.’ Produced by George Clooney, the series examines different murder trials and how heavy media coverage had a role in the final outcomes.

Congrats to a52 VFX for the much deserved Shots Creative wins! Taking home:
VFX Company of the Year. Best Use of Animation with Gold for IKEA Stuff Monster & Silver for Xfinity ET. And, Best Commercial over :60 with Bronze for Xfinity ET.

Take a bite out of this one! Editor LAUREN DELLARA edits Harry Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar

The ‘Body Cam’ Trailer directed by MALIK VITTHAL is out now! Starring Mary J. Blige, ‘Body Cam’ genre-blends procedural cop drama with gripping horror in this hard-hitting feature film.

M BLASH and Wieden+Kennedy shoot families across the world for P&G. #LeadWithLove

ERROL MORRIS is back with Miller reviving the iconic High Life spots from the early 2000s, now with a quarantine spin.

Colorist DANIEL DE VUE with Nike and Wieden+Kennedy remind us we’re never too far down to come back. 💪🏼

Kaleidoscopic groove! ROMAN COPPOLA + SOFIA COPPOLA co-direct Margaret Qualley, Top Russell, and Marine Vacth in this buoyant campaign for Chanel.

TKN! CANADA in collaboration with The Directors Bureau bring us new Rosalia + Travis Scott. Directed by NICOLÁS MÉNDEZ.

SINDHA AGHA contributes this Op-Doc and short-film for The New York Times on the struggles of isolation.

Everyday heroism from our health care workers. AKIKO IWAKAWA edits with Netflix docu-series ‘Lenox Hill’ documenting the unmeasurable strength of real doctors. #LenoxHillOnNetflix

PETER THWAITES gives us a dream car joy-ride for American Family Insurance with BBDO.

MALAKAI promotes the future of young filmmakers with MADE IN HER IMAGE. This non-profit organization empowers girls of color in film, media and more. Visit to learn more!

JAMES LEES directs this John Prine Tribute performed by Kurt Vile⁠, Pat McLaughlin, John Paul White,⁠ Jim James⁠ & Courtney Marie Andrews. Watch the full John Prine Tribute Show including guest appearances from Kacey Musgraves, Bill Murray, Sturgill Simpson, and more.

No Glory In The West. ISAIAH SERET directs chilling visuals for Orville Peck.

AARON ROSE brings new life to 10 year old archival No Age performance footage into this kinetic music video. Head Sport Full Face.

We’re ready to work! MAMA directs a clever campaign for Monster with Mullen Lowe.

a52 Color and a52 VFX win at the 2020 AICP Post Awards! Honoring excellence in a range of post production arts, AICP awards colorist DANIEL DE VUE  for EDEN music video “Projector” and PATRICK MUPRHY for VFX on Xfinity “A Holiday Reunion” with GSP.

LiBai’s Premonition. RODRIGO SAAVEDRA shows us how a Tang Dynasty era poet predicted all of our futures in this quarantine-made short film. Based on the poem ‘Drinking alone in the moonlight’ by Li Bai.

Anderson .Paak protests in this soulful music video edited by ALYSSA OH #LOCKDOWN

WoodShop During COVID-19:
WoodShop is currently set up for fully remote production with design animation, CG & VFX workflow to create realtime product work.

Stalkr & COVID-19: Stalkr is continuing to work on content based projects. Their teams of producers and researchers have become an immediate resource for agencies who have pivoted from live-action to sourced solutions.

Prepare for the cringe! DUGAN O’NEAL puts us in an awkward situation for Eargo. Produced by with Huge inc.

a52VFX and colorist GREGORY REESE make the ranch cooler for Doritos with Goodby Silverstein 🤠 #SuperBowl2020

What do you think people did before Alexa? STEVE ROGERS shows us in this #SuperBowl2020 spot for Amazon with Droga5 London. Produced by Somesuch London x Revolver/Will O’Rourke

Tough never quits. a52VFX for KIA with David and Goliath #SuperBowl2020

STAKLR puts together what Typical Americans look like in this #SuperBowl2020 spot for Budweiser with DAVID Miami

Let’s take take it easy, take care of ourselves, and maybe even treat ourselves! WOODSHOP STUDIOS brings sweetness for Reeses with Anomaly.

Four ads at once?! ROMAN COPPOLA bureau directs 4-in-1 spots for Heinz with Wieden +Kennedy #SuperBowl2020

Wondering if Charlie Day ever did his laundry… AARON STOLLER directs for Tide with Saatchi & Saatchi NY #SuperBowl2020

CROBIN LEO and editor ZOE MOUGIN show us how these celebs ‘mmus for Sabra with Vayner Media #SuperBowl2020

NOAM MURRO directs Missy Elliot and H.E.R. for Pepsi with Goodby Silverstein #SuperBowl2020

Editor DAMION CLAYTON shows us how Martin Scorsese guilt trips Jonah Hill to show up to the party for Coke Energy with Wieden+Kennedy #SuperBowl2020

ISAIAH SERET directs a San Diego saunter with pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez for Saint Archer with Preacher

Editor ADAM PERTOFSKY puts together this important message for Seventh Generation with agency Opinionated about our generational legacy facing the climate crisis. Seventh Generation has donated generously to the Youth Climate Action Fund, in order to ensure the future of youth activism, and prompts other businesses to do the same. #BelieveInA7thGen

JAMES LEES directs the intensity with John Cena for Takis !

Let’s get PHYSICAL!! CANADA directs this colorful music video for Dua Lipa

Editors DAMION CLAYTON, FRANK SNIDER, and JAMES DUFFY edit for Microsoft and M:United to celebrate Katie Sowers, the first woman coach in the super bowl. #SuperBowl2020

STALKR and editor TED GUARD come together for New York Life with Anomaly to highlight the versions of love we encounter in life.

Editor LAUREN DELLARA cuts together a wild genre homage for Lil Nas X music video RODEO. Try catching the many pop culture references mixed in there 🧟‍♂️

ELASTIC designs and animates Main Titles and segments in Netflix + KevinHart docu-series “Don’t F**K This Up” Streaming now!

ROMAN COPPOLA directs the charming Paul Rudd for Mastercard and Stand Up To Cancer with McCann New York

THE GLUE SOCIETY directs this Australian Open campaign for UberEats produced by Revolver/Willorourke with Special Group

STEVE ROGERS directs the madness for Coca-Cola with Wieden Kennedy London and produced by SomeSuch.

Fried chicken and donuts?? Yup! Woodshop makes a mouthwatering debut for KFC with Wieden+Kennedy

Bold leaps forward. WHITELIST shows what Amazon Web Services can do for clients and customers.

Do better than win. DAN DIFELICE directs boxing icons for FoxSports

Editors LAUREN DELLARA + ALYSSA OH with Colorist GEGORY REESE and VFX by a52VFX put together a call to action for The Grammys / The Recording Academy with TBWA Chiat LA #WomenInTheMix

The demand is real for Nacho Fries. Colorist PAUL YACONO and a52 VFX add to the flavor for TacoBell with Deutsch.

A tower of stacked Volvo trucks.. And take a guess what’s at the very top! ANDREAS NILSSON is back with Volvo Trucks for another insane truck stunt; with Forsman & Bodenfors. Produced by Biscuit Filmworks + Bacon.

STALKR takes us through the innovation history of BMW with Goodby Silverstein + Partners

#SingleNotSorry FEMKE HUURDEMAN directs youthful freedom for Tinder France

CLAY WEINER directs this jewelry obsessed campaign for Jewelers Mutual 💍

Directing duo MAMA shows us what hair choices got2b can stir up.

a52VFX and colorist GREGORY REESE add flavoring for Doritos with Post Malone, or shall we say Post Limón! Agency: Goodby Silverstein

BEN STREBEL directs the energy for Jagermeister with agency Engine London

JEFF HAN sets the stage with this Main Title sequence for the new Amazon Prime Video series ‘Hunters

Who wouldn’t want a celebrity accountant? STEVE ROGERS directs Paul Giamatti and Kieran Culkin for Volkswagen with Johannes Leonardo.

Fueled by the best. STALKR fuels iconic sporting moments for Gatorade with TBWA/ChiatDay.

Oh you don’t know about Sprite Ginger?? Editor AARON TOMPKINS cuts together for Sprite with Wieden+Kennedy.

Editor LAUREN DELLARA puts together this impromptu kazoo celebration for Facebook with Wieden Kennedy #Grammys

MELODIE MCDANIEL shoots Banana Republic for a very special Black History Month campaign entitled BOLD VISION 📸 Visit the Republic for the Meet the Maker interview with Melodie McDaniel

We are excited to announce BEN STREBEL joins Biscuit Filmworks 🙌🏼 Working with such clients as Nike, Lexus, Samsonite and more, Ben has developed a diverse portfolio of critically acclaimed work. Welcome Ben!

DANIEL WARWICK directs for Adidas and TBWA Neboko. Soccer boots that are so good, it might be 100% unfair! ⚽️☄️

This year be more like Narcissus, and make yourself a gift to the world. Editor MIKKEL E.G. NIELSEN puts together a mythic tale for Equinox with Droga5


What you are about to witness is based on a true insurance claim. JEFF LOW directs for GoCompare 🦌 🚘 😲


Get those points and get that vacation🏖 Optus makes an enticing offer in this campaign directed by THE GLUE SOCIETY


Beat the city claustrophobia with Ford in this spot directed by RACHEL MCDONALD 🚙🏙


For that 2020 fitness inspiration, here’s COMMON GOOD for Goodlife Fitness 💪🏼


Netflix releases the trailer for the new true-crime doc series ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’. Produced by MakeMake Entertainment, edited by Rock Paper Scissors Editorial, with main titles by Elastic, and color by Gregory Reese at A52color

Get yourself a REAL agent! 🏡 CLAY WEINER directs this campaign for RE/MAX

This ones for all those who don’t need a 2020 New Years resolution to hit the gym. JOAQUIN & LALOU for Muscle Milk

The best way to inspire change is to be it. The NFL and Inspire Change work together to create positive and lasting changes in communities across America.
Agency: 72 and Sunny
Editor: David Brodie

CHRISTOPHER RIGGERT directs this ode to connectivity for BT Halo with Saatchi and Saatchi

Hot damn, Sonic Drive-in has the big stuff! WOODSHOP serves us a biggie! 🍔

Strong bonds for the season. THE GLUE SOCIETY directs a warm campaign for BONDS

It’s that time of the year everybody! Crack open the Bailey’s, get to the tree, and celebrate with our most favorite holiday treat… CLAY WEINER’s Christmas classic ‘The Tree’🎄 And what do you mean you’re not taking a picture by the tree, c’mooon!

Catch the 2020 Bieber Fever thats going around! BARDIA ZEINALI directs Justin Bieber music video ‘YUMMY’ 🍰 🍧🥂😋

Lebron James sheds light on the bittersweet idea of humble beginnings in this spot by Nike, edited by CHRIS MITCHELL

And you thought you were having a bad week.. listen to these stories! JEFF LOW directs a trauma-turned-relaxing campaign for On The Beach Holidays 🏖

Does The Weeknd drive an electric? Take a ride though the history of Mercedes-Benz innovations with directors CANADA at The Directors Bureau 🔋🚘

Xfinity release the Making Of featurette for the holiday reunion of E.T. and Elliot. Take a look at what went into this heartwarming spot, with a52VFX, colorist GREGORY REESE, director Lance Acord, and agency GoodbyS&P

Rise in shine with Dunkin Donuts. PETER MARTIN directs for BBDO, introducing Dunkin’ Donuts new plant-based Beyond Meat sandwich 😋

Elena Delle Donne shares on her strength & inspiration, her big sister. ISAIAH SERET directs this touching tribute for NIKE from WiedenKennedy

Kareem Jackson introduces custom cleats to support families with chronically ill children. MALIK VITTHAL directs for the NFL with 72andSunny #KicksForAcause

Lesson Learned: Do NOT overthink this Christmas. AARON STOLLER directs this gift-season reminder for Chilly’s Bottles 🎄🎁

Ever try bringing a trip back home with you, and it just isn’t the same? Fallsview Casino will do that to you. CLAY WEINER directs this campaign with OPC Production.

More Christmas cheer for ya! WHITELIST COLLECTIVE directs the holiday campaign for Foodlion 🎄🍪😋

What’s a better gift than a cute puppy for Christmas? GMC has an idea. AARON STOLLER directs 🐶❄️

The heartwarming reunion of E.T. and Elliot, 37 years in the making. a52VFX and colorist GREGORY REESE help bring this holiday reunion to life for Xfinity ☝️phone home👽

Colors so pleasant, Edward Hopper would be proud. Colorist DANIEL DE VUE at a52Color accentuates the visuals for Eden’s music video ‘Projector’ 🎨

Coffee so good, it’s criminal! 🚨🚔 ANDREAS NILSSON directs for 1850 Coffee ☕️

A new talent to the Rock Paper Scissors roster! Congrats to editor ALYSSA OH and the RPS team 👏🏼🎞 ✂️

The craze is real! 10 years of League of Legends fandom. Creative Director PAUL MITCHELL, Editor DAVID BRODIE, and Colorist GREGORY REESE, give us a window into this monumental video game and high-stakes gaming culture.

When you’re stuck, get moving. CHRISTOPER RIGGERT directs for LEXUS / Produced by FINCH / Find RIGGERT at Biscuit Filmworks

You’d be fooled to think vaping doesn’t come with dangerous consequences. STALKR brings reality in this PSA for CA Tobacco Control Program. Agency: Duncan Channon

Looks like we’re not the only ones excited when a new item comes in. Dick’s Sporting Goods shows us what happens at night when a little holiday magic hits. Directed by SHAWN LEVY and WILL GLUCK from Pacific Rim Films for Anomaly

Although invisible, air pollution can be deadly. E.on reminds us that it’s time we clean the air. Produced by Outsider UK, JAMES LEES directs this wake up call about the air we take for granted.

When life is this wooden & mundane, it’s time to reinvent. RODRIGO SAAVEDRA shows us how in this surreal wooden world for NUBANK.

Hey kids, MAMA signs at World War Seven! Matt Spicer and Mark Potoka, who met while working at Wieden + Kennedy, now use their years of agency experience as the comedy directing duo MAMA 🤱🏻

Wow.. You need to see this! a52 releases a new VFX reel. Check out the amazing work, clients, and talent 👏🏼🙌🏼

DEAL WIV IT 🏃🏻 MURA MASA & slowthai are back with this hypnotic run of a music video directed once again by YONI LAPPIN and produced by CANADA.

Who knew a robots view from Mars can be such a lonely one? 🤖 WILFRID BRIMO directs this melancholic tale of a lonely Mars rover for SaintGobainGroup#MissionToEarth

Yup, Christmas is coming.. Prepare yo’ selves! This ALLBIRDS campaign directed by ANDREW JASPERSON might make things a little easier for us.

🌀NO HOPE GENERATION🌀 Music video for MURA MASA directed by YONI LAPPIN Produced by CANADA 🙌🏼 On Repeat🔁

APPLE has debuted their new streaming service platform, Apple TV+Elastic‘s Angus Wall and Hazel Baird designed & created the playful Main Titles for ‘The Morning Show!’ Hit the link and see for yourself the all star cast & this colorfully creative sequence! 🔴⚫️🔴

Biscuit Filmworks Joaquin Baca Asay and his long time creative partner Lalou Diamond have joined together officially as directing duo J + L 🙌🏼

MICHAEL B. JORDAN steps into an uncanny world for COACH inspired by the influential world of Naruto. Christopher Mitchell @ RPS edits with color by Gregory Reese and VFX by a52 Directed by 👑 Rachel Morrison. What a team!

Whats your code? 📱 Cuz you better rep it! ✊🏼 SARA DUNLOP at The Corner Shop directs 3-digit pride for AT&T x NBA. Live for the game. Live by your code.

‘Chicago Style’ is a lot more than just pizza. RPS edits & a52 colors a deep-dish style spot for Nike celebrating the one and only spirit of Chicago. W+K, save me a slice! 🍕

Who knew home life can get this easy? 👌Google Assistant knew. 👏 AARON STOLLER at BISCUIT FILMWORKS directs charming slices of life for GOOGLE. #ThanksGoogle

With 8 Emmy awards & 5 seasons, Amazon’s hit series ‘Transparent’ comes to a melodic end with a special musical finale. @stalkr crafts this lovely title sequence for the grand finale 🎹

🏍 🏝 Let’s cruise dreamy highways of Hawaii with Katy Perry🌺 MANSON directs the new single “HARLEYS IN HAWAII” Produced by CANADA Find them @ THE DIRECTORS BUREAU🤙🏼

No offense INTERNET, memories you can hold last a little longer with INSTAX by FUJIFILM. FREETHEWORK Director SARA DUNLOP at THE CORNER SHOP have us reminiscing on the sentiments of life.

Never underestimate the POWER of YOU! DAVID WILSON at THE DIRECTORS BUREAU soars GIRL POWER for the next generation with WIEDEN + KENNEDY AMSTERDAM

Impeachment or not ELASTIC and A52 ridge the most prestigious opening title sequence for THE POLITICIAN on NETFLIX

Sustainability with soul … oh hello “STUFF MONSTER” a52 VFX’s JESSE MONSOUR  builds a second life for consumers with IKEA

What if there were no “IF” LAUREN DELLARA with ROCKPAPERSCISSORS jumps sensory overload defying “WHAT IF” along NORTHFACE record breaking athletes.Unplug with nature courtesy of SIDLEE.

Syncing the energy of being one THE DIRECTORS BUREAU🎥 CANADA fuses <3 with you, Sur Toi for INSTAGRAM.

Have you tested the bounds of the impossible ?! Director ELLEN KURAS  at THE CORNER SHOP goes beyond the rules of possible latest work for Beyond the Mac with APPLE!

The chains are loose ANDY HALL at ELASTIC & AGENCY 215 unleash KAIT BROKEN! XBOX GEARS OF WAR 5 leading lady!

In a perfect world – equality looks a little something like this RACHEL MCDONALD at BISCUIT FILMWORKS unique take on destigmatizing MENstruation for THINX first campaign . ♀ Power to the people at BBDO NY 

🍻A TOAST to YOU🍻 DIRECTORS BUREAU: TONY YACENDA celebrates 15 Years of WORLD OF WARCRAFT ! Cheers 🍻 feeble rouges and 72&Sunny legends!

Spoiler: Optical illusions become an efficient necessity 💅🏼#okkkuuurrr. ANDREAS NILSSON at BISCUIT FILMWORKS  gets fancy at the beauty salon with a52color GREGORY REESEVENABLES BELL for Reebok feat. CARDI B!

Don’t change your dream. Change the world. Rock Paper Scissors’ LAUREN DELLARA edits the new Nike Women’s World Cup Anthem for Wieden + Kennedy!!


No man left behind! Director STEVE ROGERS at BISCUIT FILMWORKS  takes action on a #mantervention ! Fun times with OLDSPICE and WIEDEN + KENNEDY

Unite within the space oddity STALKR and VW celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Taking on a new mission to go carbon neutral globally by 2050 🚀

DOES YOUR PHONE GET YOU MT. FUJI! AARON STOLLER at Biscuit Filmworks delivers pure comedy for 72andSunny with 2Chainz and Awkwafina for GOOGLE PIXEL 3!

See lightning! Doomsday‘s HIRO MURAI unleashes an impressive roll call of the world’s best athletes for APPLES BEATS BY DRE!!

Spread your wings and fly: The Corner Shops PETER THWAITES delivers another storybook ending for for UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX and 180LA !

My Truth. #MyCalvins. Check out JAMIE FOORD’S latest for CALVIN KLEIN with ICONOCLAST TEAM and director Jonas Lindstroem

CHANGE OF PLANS! ANDREAS NILSSON at Biscuit Filmworks delivers POSTMATES first national spot with MOTHER LA! No small cart fee here we’re all in-Editorial by CARLOS ARIAS at Rock Paper Scissors with A52color DANIEL DE VUE

Wow. Just when you didn’t think ELASTIC could top themselves: an OREO x Game of Thrones Title Sequence || #GameOfCookies #ForTheThrone | CD: Andy Hall

MAKE IT GOOD: Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON joins the fine folks at CALLEN for CLIF BAR’S first National Campaign, all with a helping hand from colorist DANIEL DE VUE at A52color .

#1 Trending Video WORLD WIDE!! The Directors Bureau’s TONY YACENDA rejoins LIL DICKY on a star packed mission to save the EARTH from climate change just in time for #EarthDay
Edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ PATRICK TUCK

Rare like Mr Clean w hair. Biscuit Filmworks’ ANDREAS NILSSON and a52 Color’s DANIEL DE VUE join other unicorns 2 CHAINZ in “2 Dollar Bill” featuring LIL WAYNE & E40

Not just Ad of the Day, Ad of the WEEK!! a52 VFX rejoin Mark Molloy with another lovable team of UNDERDOGS for APPLE!!

The editing gods keep giving. Rock Paper Scissors’ AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE delivers some split screen magic in the new Vampire Weekend video for “Sunflower” directed by Jonah Hill and starring Jerry Seinfeld !!

The Directors Bureau’s RODRIGO SAAVEDRA lifts up an unlikely hero for the Coca-Cola and Avengers: End Game tie-in!

Make gin not compromises. Biscuit Filmworks’ JEFF LOW dives into the world of stop motion for Sipsmith Gins debut ad!!

Who needs a super bloom or early stage capitalism when you have The Corner Shop’s PETER THWAITES latest for Gainbridge!!!

Kyrie Irving gives thanks to his father in the latest for NIKE and Wieden + Kennedy‘s “Just Do It” campaign. Happy Thanksgiving from Rock Paper Scissors, a52 VFX and editor BIFF BUTLER!!


Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Rock Paper Scissors and a52 VFX partner with Wieden+Kennedy and Nike to commemorate 30 years of #JustDoIt

A lot about parenting has changed. Whitelist introduces FACEBOOK Messenger for Kids — because parents are the best filter to keep kids safe online.

A MASSIVE congrats to The Corner Shop and Revolver/Will O’Rourke/Biscuit Filmworks for making the PALM D’OR FINALISTS LIST at #CannesLions!!

THIS IS AMERICA! Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI directs the hyper viral video for Childish Gambino as Donald Glover!!

Congratulations to BISCUIT directors ISAIAH SERET and ERROL MORRIS on their DGA nominations! Watch Isaiah’s “Growing Up” and “I Love You” ads for Samsung with W+K Portland!!

Legendary filmmaker ERROL MORRIS has joined BISCUIT FILMWORKS for global commercial representation!!

When Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI, Rock Paper Scissors ANGUS WALL and a52 VFX team up with RUSSELL WILSON, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy its not a game, it’s a show. #MakeEmMiss

OH! Lil Yachty + Carly Rae Jepsen cover “It Takes Two” for TARGET directed by The Directors Bureau’s ROMAN COPPOLA <3

Malik Vitthal’s IMPERIAL DREAMS is now streaming on Netflix.

The Corner Shop director’s debut feature-length film stars John Boyega, the dude from STAR WARS

On the run: ADWEEK heaps praise on BISCUIT director ISAIAH SERET’s latest for Kohler

pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention

ATLANTA wins BEST SERIES and BEST ACTOR at the Golden Globes. Congrats to DOOMSDAY director HIRO MURAI

The Directors Bureau’s GIA COPPOLA is back with a new “Stress Test” for SECRET and WIEDEN + KENNEDY


Post Production

Live Action

Biscuit Filmworks

Based in Los Angeles, Biscuit Filmworks is a full-service production company that represents a diverse collection of directors – and serves a diverse collection of clients – from all over the world. Since its founding in 2000, by executive producer/director team, Shawn Lacy and Noam Murro, Biscuit has spent the last decade earning an international reputation for its smart, conceptual work, and has received many industry awards, including AICP, DGA, and Cannes.

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Live Action

The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop is a small creatively driven production company founded by director Peter Thwaites and executive producer Anna Hashmi. The pair started working together in 2008, shortly before the DGA awarded Thwaites as Best Commercial Director for 2009. Together, they started their own shop to create a company to accommodate like minded talent.

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Live Action

The Directors Bureau

Founded by Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau is the home to many talented film makers and artists, whose work spans over many different disciplines from photography to music videos to commercials to film.

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Live Action


Doomsday is an LA based production company founded by Danielle Hinde that houses the next generation of original filmmakers. Doomsday made their mark in the music video world by producing some of the most awarded videos including director of the year and best producer nomination at UKMVA, best video nominations every year at Camerimage and a frequent presence on nearly every the best of the year lists. The tight knit family of Doomsday filmmakers pride themselves in innovative approaches for agencies and brands.

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Live Action


“Own Your culture, Tell Your Stories.”

Created in the revolution by Director X and Taj Critchlow, Fela is a culture-defining brand that celebrates inclusion and diversity. Fela is a production company that specializes in making cutting-edge content in the realm of music videos, commercials, documentaries and films. Their core strength is having the innate ability to tell cultural stories authentically while being a voice for the unheard and underrepresented.

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Live Action


Florence is a diverse family of innovative filmmakers who believe in the power of creative collaboration. They can achieve expansive visions that are not otherwise possible with traditional budgets and timelines.

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Live Action

Gravy Films

Gravy is a full service production company that creates exceptional work for traditional advertising, branded content and experiential projects.

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Trevor Shepard

Trevor Shepard is an independent tabletop director and the brand confidant to some of the most ubiquitous food brands and their trusted agency partners. He was the co-founder of the product design studio Woodshop, the place where he first combined his passion for shooting food and motion graphic design.

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Live Action

World War Seven

World War Seven is a full service, hybrid creative/production/post/auto-upholsterer/floral arrangement company. We thrive at the literal epicenter of an abstract, asymmetrical, ever-expanding creative universe where our uniquely talented thinkers and makers turn big ideas into trans-platform, horizontally integrated global strategies throughout all relevant verticals, and/or incredibly ornate embroidered car upholstery options.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors edits for the world’s top directors, studios, and advertisers. Founded by Angus Wall and Linda Carlson, rock paper scissors holds offices Santa Monica and New York and is the parent company to creative studios a52 and Elastic.

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Visual Effects


a52 is a boutique visual effects studio in Santa Monica, CA. Established in 1997 as part of the Make Make Entertainment group, a52 is a destination for the very latest high-end photo-real vfx while being home to the industry’s most innovative and talented artists.

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Animation / Design / Live-Action


Elastic is a group of filmmakers whose collective voice developed across a collection of visual mediums. Launched in 2008 by the founders of Rock Paper Scissors and VFX studio a52, Elastic works across a hybrid of mediums to produce the most innovative work in advertising and entertainment.

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Color Grading


Primary is a collective of world class colorists defined by superior craftsmanship and collaborative excellence. Working with state-of-the-art equipment for theatrical and broadcast color grading, we artistically finesse every project with a client-first mentality. We believe the creative process should be supported by an equal care for the individuals involved, as for the story being told.

Understanding that color influences the emotional shift from one frame to the next, our work is motivated by creating continuity, maintaining harmony, and delivering results with integrity to a client’s vision.

Our colorists are available for remote color grading world-wide.

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Visual Effects


Mathematic is a creative studio that specializes in high end CG and VFX for Advertising, TV, Print, digital, series, short and now long format films.

Launching in Paris in 2006 and expanding to LA in 2020, Mathematic has consistently evolved their processes as VFX specialists with a strong emphasis on art direction, design and technique development.

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Sourcing & Licensing


STALKR produces, sources and licenses premium content for commercials and films. Born from their work on Nike “Courage” — the largest media buy in Nike global history during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing – STALKR harnesses the talent and ingenuity of dozens of creative producers and visual researchers across the world. The industry’s premier digital partner for sourcing and licensing custom content for commercials, STALKR takes an agile approach to working with independent filmmakers and rights holders of all kinds, including: film studios, celebrities, sports leagues, archive houses, user-generated content and home movies.