No offense INTERNET, memories you can hold last a little longer with INSTAX by FUJIFILM. FREETHEWORK Director SARA DUNLOP at THE CORNER SHOP and MCCANN NEW YORK have us reminiscing on the sentiments of life.

Never underestimate the POWER of YOU! DAVID WILSON at THE DIRECTORS BUREAU soars GIRL POWER for the next generation with WIEDEN + KENNEDY AMSTERDAM

Impeachment or not ELASTIC and A52 ridge the most prestigious opening title sequence for THE POLITICIAN on NETFLIX

Sustainability with soul …oh hello “STUFF MONSTER” a52 JESSE MONSOURRETHINK CANADA build a second life for consumers with IKEA

What if there were no “IF” LAUREN DELLARA with ROCKPAPERSCISSORS jumps sensory overload defying “WHAT IF” along NORTHFACE record breaking athletes.Unplug with nature courtesy of SIDLEE.

In a perfect world – equality looks a little something like this RACHEL MCDONALD at BISCUIT FILMWORKS unique take on destigmatizing MENstruation for THINX first campaign . ♀ Power to the people at BBDO NY 

Must we ever truly grow up! Director ANDREAS NILSSON at BISCUIT FILMWORKS keeps the adolescent alive with WIEDEN + KENNEDY classics never age at FISHER PRICE

Syncing the energy of being one THE DIRECTORS BUREAU🎥 CANADA fuses <3 with you, Sur Toi for INSTAGRAM.

Have you tested the bounds of the impossible ?! Director ELLEN KURAS  at THE CORNER SHOP goes beyond the rules of possible latest work for Beyond the Mac with APPLE!

The chains are loose ♀️ ANDY HALL at ELASTIC & AGENCY 215 unleash KAIT BROKEN! XBOX GEARS OF WAR 5 leading lady!

🍻A TOAST to YOU🍻 DIRECTORS BUREAU: TONY YACENDA celebrates 15 Years of WORLD OF WARCRAFT ! Cheers 🍻 feeble rouges and 72&Sunny legends!

Spoiler: Optical illusions become an efficient necessity 💅🏼#okkkuuurrr. ANDREAS NILSSON at BISCUIT FILMWORKS  gets fancy at the beauty salon with a52color GREGORY REESEVENABLES BELL for Reebok feat. CARDI B!

Don’t change your dream. Change the world. Rock Paper Scissors’ LAUREN DELLARA edits the new Nike Women’s World Cup Anthem for Wieden + Kennedy!!


No man left behind! Director STEVE ROGERS at BISCUIT FILMWORKS  takes action on a #mantervention ! Fun times with OLDSPICE and WIEDEN + KENNEDY

Unite within the space oddity STALKR and VW celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Taking on a new mission to go carbon neutral globally by 2050 🚀

DOES YOUR PHONE GET YOU MT. FUJI! AARON STOLLER at Biscuit Filmworks delivers pure comedy for 72andSunny with 2Chainz and Awkwafina for GOOGLE PIXEL 3!

See lightning! Doomsday‘s HIRO MURAI unleashes an impressive roll call of the world’s best athletes for APPLES BEATS BY DRE!!

Spread your wings and fly: The Corner Shops PETER THWAITES delivers another storybook ending for for UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX and 180LA !

My Truth. #MyCalvins. Check out JAMIE FOORD’S latest for CALVIN KLEIN with ICONOCLAST TEAM and director Jonas Lindstroem

CHANGE OF PLANS! ANDREAS NILSSON at Biscuit Filmworks delivers POSTMATES first national spot with MOTHER LA! No small cart fee here we’re all in-Editorial by CARLOS ARIAS at Rock Paper Scissors with A52color DANIEL DE VUE

Wow. Just when you didn’t think ELASTIC could top themselves: an OREO x Game of Thrones Title Sequence || #GameOfCookies #ForTheThrone | CD: Andy Hall

MAKE IT GOOD: Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON joins the fine folks at CALLEN for CLIF BAR’S first National Campaign, all with a helping hand from colorist DANIEL DE VUE at A52color .

#1 Trending Video WORLD WIDE!! The Directors Bureau’s TONY YACENDA rejoins LIL DICKY on a star packed mission to save the EARTH from climate change just in time for #EarthDay
Edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ PATRICK TUCK

Rare like Mr Clean w hair. Biscuit Filmworks’ ANDREAS NILSSON and a52 Color’s DANIEL DE VUE join other unicorns 2 CHAINZ in “2 Dollar Bill” featuring LIL WAYNE & E40

Not just Ad of the Day, Ad of the WEEK!! a52 VFX rejoin Mark Molloy with another lovable team of UNDERDOGS for APPLE!!

The editing gods keep giving. Rock Paper Scissors’ AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE delivers some split screen magic in the new Vampire Weekend video for “Sunflower” directed by Jonah Hill and starring Jerry Seinfeld !!

The Directors Bureau’s RODRIGO SAAVEDRA lifts up an unlikely hero for the Coca-Cola and Avengers: End Game tie-in!

Make gin not compromises. Biscuit Filmworks’ JEFF LOW dives into the world of stop motion for Sipsmith Gins debut ad!!

Who needs a super bloom or early stage capitalism when you have The Corner Shop’s PETER THWAITES latest for Gainbridge!!!

From sports movies to sci-fi, AT&T, BBDO and Biscuit Filmworks’ director STEVE ROGERS give you more for your thing.

Kyrie Irving gives thanks to his father in the latest for NIKE and Wieden + Kennedy‘s “Just Do It” campaign. Happy Thanksgiving from Rock Paper Scissors, a52 VFX and editor BIFF BUTLER!!

Cats, avocado toast & babies. a52 VFX just made everything the internet loves even bigger. #GrowthSpurt for Apple’s iPhone XS via Media Arts Lab.

Finally a screen not meant to be stared at. Whitelist. and 72andSunny talk about a new generation of technology for Google Home Hub!!

Biscuit Filmworks’ director DAN DIFELICE and Rock Paper Scissors’ editor JAMIE FOORD take an utterly epic journey into space for the new Ubisoft: STARLINK: BATTLE FOR ATLAS.

California is yours to inherit, on one condition: that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect it. Rock Paper Scissors editor AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE teams up with DDB SF and Farm League in this beautiful portrait of The Golden State for Energy Upgrade California!!

Don’t just be the fastest marathon runner in the world. Be the fastest in history. Biscuit Filmworks’ ISAIAH SERET directs new marathon world record holder Eluid Kipchoge for NIKE and Wieden+Kennedy!!

AYO! Up from the 36 Chambers!! Rock Paper Scissors’ AUSTYN DAINES and a52 colorist PAUL YACONO join the Wu-Tang Clan elevating consciousness for IMPOSSIBLE FOODS x WHITE CASTLE!!

Great shows stay with you. Biscuit Filmworks’ STEVE ROGERS gets immersed in the new mega campaign for Amazon Prime Video and Droga5!!!

Change it UP!! Doomsday director TRISTAN HOLMES switches it up for DENIZEN from LEVI’S with HEAT SF!!

Imagine adventure being just a flight away: The Directors Bureau’s THE SACRED EGG take a dreamy journey through the skies for easyJet!!

The louder we play, the more we change the game. Rock Paper Scissors’ BIFF BUTLER edits NIKE “Rallying Cry” for Wieden + Kennedy


Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Rock Paper Scissors and a52 VFX partner with Wieden+Kennedy and Nike to commemorate 30 years of #JustDoIt

When the world needs a hero, Chuck Norris calls the Toyota Tacoma… and Saatchi & Saatchi LA calls the A-Team of Biscuit Filmworks’ ANDREAS NILSSON, Rock Paper Scissors’ OLIVIER BUGGE-COUTE and a52 VFX + FX supervisor JESSE MONSOUR + colorist PAUL YACONO!!

WELCOME PAUL! We are pleased to share that editor PAUL ZUCKER has joined Rock Paper Scissors!!

The korobka never asks. The Directors Bureau’s DAVID WILSON celebrates pioneering spirit of new generation of Russian athletes for NIKE & Wieden+Kennedy!!

Need to make an abrupt exit? Escape to football and meet Biscuit Filmworks’director AARON STOLLER at Buffalo Wild Wings

A lot about parenting has changed. Whitelist introduces FACEBOOK Messenger for Kids — because parents are the best filter to keep kids safe online.

Love jet lag. Biscuit Filmworks’ ISAIAH SERET and a52 VFX turn Shanghai nights into Shanghai days for SAMSUNG and Wieden+Kennedy!!

WELCOME!! Editor AKIKO IWAKAWA-GRIEVE has joined Rock Paper Scissors!!

A MASSIVE congrats to The Corner Shop and Revolver/Will O’Rourke/Biscuit Filmworks for making the PALM D’OR FINALISTS LIST at #CannesLions!!

We have an ANNOUNCEMENT!! Well, actually Biscuit Filmworks’ STEVE ROGERS and Wieden Kennedy have an announcement… for OLD SPICE

Rock Paper Scissors’ JAMIE FOORD edits the BEATSBYDRE World Cup Anthem from director Guy Ritchie. When your time comes, you have two choices. You can be the kid no one’s heard of. Or you can be the kid no one saw coming. #MadeDefiant

It’s one thing to put words on your back. It’s another thing to live up to them. Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI and Rock Paper Scissors’ editor LAUREN DELLARA take a trip down memory lane with Lebron James, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy!!

Lights, camera, fête noire! The Directors Bureau’s CANADA pulls out a pocket studio for the Apple iPhone X !!

Nothing beats Gatorade, the hard work of Bryce Harper and TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles or the stellar color work of PAUL YACONO at a52 VFX!!

ALSO welcome Thatcher Petersona52 VFX‘s new Executive Producer of Color!!

THIS IS AMERICA! Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI directs the hyper viral video for Childish Gambino as Donald Glover!!

Sharing is always better with a little love. The Directors Bureau’s CANADA shares a COCA-COLA for Wieden+Kennedy!!

ADAM & EVE (Adults Only) offers some hope even for the hopelessly grumpy in this funny musical spot from Biscuit Filmworks MICHAEL DOWNING and PARTY LAND

Acclaimed director JOAQUIN BACA-ASAY has joined BISCUIT FILMWORKS for representation!!

WTF did we just watch. We’re not sure there’s ever been a more ANDREAS NILSSON-Y spot than the BISCUIT FILMWORKS director’s anthem for HORNBACH in this rubber cowboy sweat bonanza. 🤠🤠💦💦

A funny thing happens the more you fly. You see one runway after another and pretty soon, you realize there are #RunwaysEverywhere.
Rock Paper Scissors’ MIKKEL EG edits this striking feat of commercial film craft for DELTA and Wieden+Kennedy!!

New Director Alert: IVAN GRBOVIC has joined THE CORNER SHOP!!

BORN MERCURIAL. Rock Paper Scissors’ JAMIE FOORD edits the new NIKE SOCCER anthem featuring @Cristiano, @neymarjr, @liekemartens1, Kylian Mbappé, Marco Asensio. Just some ADBs!!

MISSION RED: ELASTIC director ANDY HALL jumps into gear with an epic animation for the new Pacific Rim 2: Uprising short!!

Rock Paper Scissors’ BIFF BUTLER and a52 VFX join a goonie gang of exuberant kids as they take on their homework outside of the classroom for Apple iPad

CHOOSE GO. When the world stops turning on it’s axis Rock Paper ScissorsBIFF BUTLER teams up with Must Be Something, Edgar Wright and NIKE to get the world moving again.

New Director Alert: DANIEL WARWICK has joined BISCUIT FILMWORKS!!

Until We All Win. ELASTIC & a52 VFX join NIKE and Wieden + Kennedy to celebrate Serena Williams as an enduring example that there’s no wrong way to be a woman!!

Director Dee Rees & first ever Academy nominated cinematographer Rachel Morrison (Mudbound), team up with Rock Paper Scissors‘ editor ADAM PERTOFSKY, a52 VFX & Wieden + Kennedy to urge you to make something and make history for Samsung!!

The Directors Bureau’s duo The Sacred Egg deliver a Renaissance tableau of tattooed brawling cherubs for DJ Carnage & Steve Aoki!!

The Wanderer. World War Seven’s DAVID SHAFEI pivots from pancakes to contemplating omelets in Droga5’s second campaign for IHOP!!

I’ve never felt this way before. Biscuit Filmworks AARON STOLLER delivers a Super Bowl favorite in this Dirty Dancing homage for the NFL starring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Biscuit Filmworks and The Directors Bureau, honored by Ad Age/Creativity as part of the Production Company A-List 2018!!

We swear the Colonel is not a famous country singing woman. Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON honky-tonks with Wieden+Kennedy for KFC!!

What? You didn’t know Biscuit Filmworks’ STEVE ROGERS can direct in French? Find out what OLD SPICE and Wieden+Kennedy were talking about in the subtitled version of the 2018 Grammy Awards spot!!

Congratulations to BISCUIT directors ISAIAH SERET and ERROL MORRIS on their DGA nominations! Watch Isaiah’s “Growing Up” and “I Love You” ads for Samsung with W+K Portland!!

Facing total annihilation? Fit all of your stuff in a VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan, proof in this spot edited by Rock Paper Scissors AUSTYN DAINES for Deutsch LA.

CONNECTED BY LOVE! Whitelist. directs the touchingly cinematic video for Jack White‘s first single off his highly anticipated new album BOARDING HOUSE REACH!!

Our next title sequence needs no introduction… but if you’re not keeping tabs, ELASTIC designed another iconic opening for David Letterman‘s new Netflix show!! First guest: Barack Obama

Biscuit Filmworks’ ISAIAH SERET delivers a breathtakingly epic music video for alt-J‘s “Pleader” off their new album “Relaxer”

Step out into the real world with S7 Airlines; edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ JAMIE FOORD!!

You don’t know long distance until your wife goes to outer space. Biscuit’s DAN DIFELICE crafts a futuristic story of love and empowerment in this all new VOLVO campaign.

a52 VFX team up with frequent collaborator and director Mark Zibert for the Sick Kids Foundation of Canada — with VFX Supervisor Jesse Monsour, Colorist Paul Yacono and the a52 team all pitching in to help create a poignant call to action.

Rock Paper Scissors’ ANGUS WALL is back with another instant classic for Nike Basketball and Wieden + Kennedy as a young kid with big ambitions sees his future play out before his eyes.

Biscuit Filmworks’s ISAIAH SERET tells a modern love story during the EMMYs for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and Wieden+Kennedy!!

Biscuit Filmworks NOAM MURRO is back riding shotgun, this time with Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele, for Wieden+Kennedy and LYFT.

Rock Paper Scissors’ ADAM PERTOFSKY and a52 VFX Supervisor PATRICK MURPHY hop in a Volkswagen for an idyllic trip back back to the 60s with Deutsch LA

“How do we get back to us?” The YMCA takes a long hard look at a divided America in a powerfully political spot, another moving film from The Corner Shop’s MALIK VITTHAL and Droga5.

Apple and a52 VFX make some mammoth waves for the Apple Watch Series 3 launch spot led by VFX Supervisor JESSE MONSOUR!!

How many second chances will you get before you question your commitment to winning?
Doomsday Entertainment’s ALASTAIR MCKEVITT directs an utterly anthemic story of determination for Jordan Brand – edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ AARON TOMPKINS!!

Product placement in dreams? Surely Biscuit Filmworks’ ANDREAS NILSSON and Wieden + Kennedy have gone too far with Denver Broncos star/auteur VON MILLER for OLD SPICE

Watch the trailer for the Netflix Original AMERICAN VANDAL from The Directors Bureau‘s TONY YACENDA… just seriously watch the trailer… and then stream SEPTEMBER 15 #whodrewthedicks

HUGE #EMMY wins for ELASTIC and ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Entertainment: Ava Duvernay’s #13thFilm wins Best Documentary – Executive Produced by Angus Wall & RPS Entertainment while Elastic wins the #EMMY for Outstanding Motion Design for their contribution to the film.

“Yo, ginger!” Doomsday Entertainment director JAMES LEES chronicles Conor McGregor’s path to boxing history for BEATSBYDRE!!

Fate or opportunity? The Directors Bureau’s RODRIGO SAAVEDRA directs this music video love story for NIKI & THE DOVE in collaboration with Nufferton. Edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ JAMIE FOORD!!
“Coconut Kiss”

We are pleased to announce that we are now representing the filmmaking collective for commercial content on the WEST COAST!!

The Corner Shop’s PETER THWAITES delivers another heart-tugging tale for University of Phoenix and 180LA. A degree doesn’t just change you… #WeRise

LYFT travels back to 1836 with JEFF BRIDGES in the first brand work from Biscuit Filmworks’ NOAM MURRO and WIEDEN + KENNEDY

“You’re not pretty for a black girl. You’re beautiful period.”
The Corner Shop‘s MALIK VITTHAL tackles the real talk black parents have with their children for Proctor & Gamble’s ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ initiative #TalkAboutBias

Legendary filmmaker ERROL MORRIS has joined BISCUIT FILMWORKS for global commercial representation!!

Straight from it’s premiere at COMIC-CON is the team at ELASTIC and director ANDY HALL‘s epic teaser for Pacific Rim Uprising. #GoJaeger

When Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI, Rock Paper Scissors ANGUS WALL and a52 VFX team up with RUSSELL WILSON, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy its not a game, it’s a show. #MakeEmMiss

APPLE’S newest spot is a subtle work of magic – Rock Paper Scissors’ editor DAVID BRODIE and a52 VFX welcome you to THE ARCHIVES with color by PAUL YACONO.

No one battery should have all that power. Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON directs DURACELL for Wieden+Kennedy alongside Rock Paper Scissors editor CARLOS ARIAS.

MOVIE MAGIC!! a52 VFX and FX Supervisor Andy McKenna build an impossible single camera move for Venables Bell & Partners and Westin

Space Sandwich, H-yeah!! Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON and WIEDEN+KENNEDY prepare to leave terrestrial chicken sandwiches behind for KFC!

DAMN. KENDRICK LAMAR’S video for DNA is out, edited by Rock Paper Scissors DAMION CLAYTON, starring DON CHEADLE

The ELASTIC Studio, the MVPs in title design, created the incredible mixed media opening for all 3 of DAVE CHAPPELLE’S Original Netflix Comedy Specials. “What am I, a superhero? I need to have fun. I need to live, too! I didn’t f that water up! Stevie Wonder was there, they didn’t need me!”


New HIRO MURAI A Tribe Called Quest (!!) video for Dis Generation. p.s. DOOMSDAY is still unstoppable

First rule of home improvement: make it out alive. Biscuit’s ANDREAS NILSSON has no regrets for HORNBACH

A HUGE congrats to THE DIRECTORS BUREAU and CANADA for winning the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at SXSW for their Tame Impala music video “The Less I Know the Better”

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay – The Directors Bureau’s DAVID WILSON‘s new spot for NIKE reworks a popular children’s song to challenged “what girls are made of” to reflect a more accurate, and optimistic future for girls!!

Tomorrow vs. Today. Biscuit Filmworks’ director AYSE ALTINOK, Rock Paper Scissors editor JAMIE FOORD and a52 VFX live in the moment with Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Jose Cuervo.

Biscuit Filmworks’ DAN DIFELICE tells the courageous story of Dr. Vaclav Vojta for Ceska Sporitelna; the doctor transcended borders and conventions to perform incredibly groundbreaking medical treatments for children.

Iconic happens for a reason. Directors Bureau’s CANADA direct the very LA launch film for The Weeknd‘s FIRE H&M spring collection.
Edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ own icon, BIFF BUTLER.

OH! Lil Yachty + Carly Rae Jepsen cover “It Takes Two” for TARGET directed by The Directors Bureau’s ROMAN COPPOLA <3

Malik Vitthal’s IMPERIAL DREAMS is now streaming on Netflix.

The Corner Shop director’s debut feature-length film stars John Boyega, the dude from STAR WARS

What a list! Biscuit Filmworks director STEVE ROGERS is a finalist for Advertising Age’s Creativity Awards DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR

Bring on the Super Bowl spots. WEALTHSIMPLE makes their smart and funny big game debut: edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ BIFF BUTLER

Who needs fake news when you have FAKE FILMS in these MAILCHIMP spots by The Directors Bureau’s THE SACRED EGG

On the run: ADWEEK heaps praise on BISCUIT director ISAIAH SERET’s latest for Kohler

pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention

ATLANTA wins BEST SERIES and BEST ACTOR at the Golden Globes. Congrats to DOOMSDAY director HIRO MURAI

The Corner Shop’s PETER THWAITES tells the hopeful true story of a University of Phoenix graduate for 180LA

The Directors Bureau’s GIA COPPOLA is back with a new “Stress Test” for SECRET and WIEDEN + KENNEDY



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Biscuit Filmworks

Based in Los Angeles, Biscuit Filmworks is a full-service production company that represents a diverse collection of directors – and serves a diverse collection of clients – from all over the world. Since its founding in 2000, by executive producer/director team, Shawn Lacy and Noam Murro, Biscuit has spent the last decade earning an international reputation for its smart, conceptual work, and has received many industry awards, including AICP, DGA, and Cannes.

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The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop is a small creatively driven production company founded by director Peter Thwaites and executive producer Anna Hashmi. The pair started working together in 2008, shortly before the DGA awarded Thwaites as Best Commercial Director for 2009. Together, they started their own shop to create a company to accommodate like minded talent.

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Founded by Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau is the home to many talented film makers and artists, whose work spans over many different disciplines from photography to music videos to commercials to film.

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Doomsday is an LA based production company founded by Danielle Hinde that houses the next generation of original filmmakers. Doomsday made their mark in the music video world by producing some of the most awarded videos including director of the year and best producer nomination at UKMVA, best video nominations every year at Camerimage and a frequent presence on nearly every the best of the year lists. The tight knit family of Doomsday filmmakers pride themselves in innovative approaches for agencies and brands.

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STALKR produces, sources and licenses premium content for commercials and films. Born from their work on Nike “Courage” — the largest media buy in Nike global history during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing – STALKR harnesses the talent and ingenuity of dozens of creative producers and visual researchers across the world. The industry’s premier digital partner for sourcing and licensing custom content for commercials, STALKR takes an agile approach to working with independent filmmakers and rights holders of all kinds, including: film studios, celebrities, sports leagues, archive houses, user-generated content and home movies.

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Whitelist is a diverse family of innovative filmmakers who believe in the power of creative collaboration. They can achieve expansive visions that are not otherwise possible with traditional budgets and timelines.

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We are product specialists. We are smart, funny brand confidants. What does that mean? It means we are experts in making products memorable. How they look, how they move and how they make people feel. How do we do that? We ask. We listen. We push the envelope. We collaborate. We offer fresh perspectives. We design solutions that work.

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World War Seven is a full service, hybrid creative/production/post/auto-upholsterer/floral arrangement company. We thrive at the literal epicenter of an abstract, asymmetrical, ever-expanding creative universe where our uniquely talented thinkers and makers turn big ideas into trans-platform, horizontally integrated global strategies throughout all relevant verticals, and/or incredibly ornate embroidered car upholstery options.

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