APPLE’S newest spot is a subtle work of magic – Rock Paper Scissors’ editor DAVID BRODIE and a52 VFX welcome you to THE ARCHIVES with color by PAUL YACONO.

When Doomsday Entertainment’s HIRO MURAI, Rock Paper Scissors ANGUS WALL and a52 VFX team up with RUSSELL WILSON, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy its not a game, it’s a show. #MakeEmMiss

No one battery should have all that power. Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON directs DURACELL for Wieden+Kennedy alongside Rock Paper Scissors editor CARLOS ARIAS.

MOVIE MAGIC!! a52 VFX and FX Supervisor Andy McKenna build an impossible single camera move for Venables Bell & Partners and Westin

Space Sandwich, H-yeah!! Biscuit Filmworks ANDREAS NILSSON and WIEDEN+KENNEDY prepare to leave terrestrial chicken sandwiches behind for KFC!

DAMN. KENDRICK LAMAR’S video for DNA is out, edited by Rock Paper Scissors DAMION CLAYTON, starring DON CHEADLE

The ELASTIC Studio, the MVPs in title design, created the incredible mixed media opening for all 3 of DAVE CHAPPELLE’S Original Netflix Comedy Specials. “What am I, a superhero? I need to have fun. I need to live, too! I didn’t f that water up! Stevie Wonder was there, they didn’t need me!”


New HIRO MURAI A Tribe Called Quest (!!) video for Dis Generation. p.s. DOOMSDAY is still unstoppable

First rule of home improvement: make it out alive. Biscuit’s ANDREAS NILSSON has no regrets for HORNBACH

A HUGE congrats to THE DIRECTORS BUREAU and CANADA for winning the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at SXSW for their Tame Impala music video “The Less I Know the Better”

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay – The Directors Bureau’s DAVID WILSON‘s new spot for NIKE reworks a popular children’s song to challenged “what girls are made of” to reflect a more accurate, and optimistic future for girls!!

Tomorrow vs. Today. Biscuit Filmworks’ director AYSE ALTINOK, Rock Paper Scissors editor JAMIE FOORD and a52 VFX live in the moment with Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Jose Cuervo.

Biscuit Filmworks’ DAN DIFELICE tells the courageous story of Dr. Vaclav Vojta for Ceska Sporitelna; the doctor transcended borders and conventions to perform incredibly groundbreaking medical treatments for children.

Iconic happens for a reason. Directors Bureau’s CANADA direct the very LA launch film for The Weeknd‘s FIRE H&M spring collection.
Edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ own icon, BIFF BUTLER.

OH! Lil Yachty + Carly Rae Jepsen cover “It Takes Two” for TARGET directed by The Directors Bureau’s ROMAN COPPOLA <3

Malik Vitthal’s IMPERIAL DREAMS is now streaming on Netflix.

The Corner Shop director’s debut feature-length film stars John Boyega, the dude from STAR WARS

What a list! Biscuit Filmworks director STEVE ROGERS is a finalist for Advertising Age’s Creativity Awards DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR

Bring on the Super Bowl spots. WEALTHSIMPLE makes their smart and funny big game debut: edited by Rock Paper Scissors’ BIFF BUTLER

Who needs fake news when you have FAKE FILMS in these MAILCHIMP spots by The Directors Bureau’s THE SACRED EGG

On the run: ADWEEK heaps praise on BISCUIT director ISAIAH SERET’s latest for Kohler

pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention

ATLANTA wins BEST SERIES and BEST ACTOR at the Golden Globes. Congrats to DOOMSDAY director HIRO MURAI

The Corner Shop’s PETER THWAITES tells the hopeful true story of a University of Phoenix graduate for 180LA

The Directors Bureau’s GIA COPPOLA is back with a new “Stress Test” for SECRET and WIEDEN + KENNEDY



Live Action

Biscuit Filmworks

Based in Los Angeles, Biscuit Filmworks is a full-service production company that represents a diverse collection of directors – and serves a diverse collection of clients – from all over the world. Since its founding in 2000, by executive producer/director team, Shawn Lacy and Noam Murro, Biscuit has spent the last decade earning an international reputation for its smart, conceptual work, and has received many industry awards, including AICP, DGA, and Cannes.

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Live Action

The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop is a small creatively driven production company founded by director Peter Thwaites and executive producer Anna Hashmi. The pair started working together in 2008, shortly before the DGA awarded Thwaites as Best Commercial Director for 2009. Together, they started their own shop to create a company to accommodate like minded talent.

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Live Action

The Directors Bureau

Founded by Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau is the home to many talented film makers and artists, whose work spans over many different disciplines from photography to music videos to commercials to film.

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Live Action


Doomsday is an LA based production company founded by Danielle Hinde that houses the next generation of original filmmakers. Doomsday made their mark in the music video world by producing some of the most awarded videos including director of the year and best producer nomination at UKMVA, best video nominations every year at Camerimage and a frequent presence on nearly every the best of the year lists. The tight knit family of Doomsday filmmakers pride themselves in innovative approaches for agencies and brands.

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Live Action

Gravy Films

Gravy is a full service production company that creates exceptional work for traditional advertising, branded content and experiential projects.

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Live Action

Pacific Rim Films

Pacific Rim Films (PRF) is a management company dedicated to bringing select feature film and television directors to commercial, multimedia and branded content projects in the advertising industry.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors edits for the world’s top directors, studios, and advertisers. Founded by Angus Wall and Linda Carlson, rock paper scissors holds offices Santa Monica and New York and is the parent company to creative studios a52 and Elastic.

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Visual Effects


A52 is a boutique visual effects studio in Santa Monica, CA. Established in 1997 as part of the Rock Paper Scissors group, a52 is a destination for the very latest high-end photo-real vfx while being home to the industry’s most innovative and talented artists.

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Animation / Design / Live-Action


Elastic is a group of filmmakers whose collective voice developed across a collection of visual mediums. Launched in 2008 by the founders of Rock Paper Scissors and VFX studio a52, Elastic works across a hybrid of mediums to produce the most innovative work in advertising and entertainment.

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Live Action


Whitelist is a collective of filmmakers using a collaborative method of filmmaking to achieve expansive productions that cannot be executed by any one person on traditional budget and timeline.

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Design / Animation / Tabletop


We are product specialists. We are smart, funny brand confidants. What does that mean? It means we are experts in making products memorable. How they look, how they move and how they make people feel. How do we do that? We ask. We listen. We push the envelope. We collaborate. We offer fresh perspectives. We design solutions that work.

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Live Action

World War Seven

World War Seven is a full service, hybrid creative/production/post/auto-upholsterer/floral arrangement company. We thrive at the literal epicenter of an abstract, asymmetrical, ever-expanding creative universe where our uniquely talented thinkers and makers turn big ideas into trans-platform, horizontally integrated global strategies throughout all relevant verticals, and/or incredibly ornate embroidered car upholstery options.

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Will O’Rourke

Will O’Rourke has pioneered the production of experiential projects for agencies and their clients and leads the way taking unusual ideas and turning them into reality. For the past five years, the company has helped agencies push the limits of what seems possible, winning a multitude of awards along the way. Our capabilities include installations, performance, and interactive projects. Sister company of Revolver.

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Virtual Reality

Bipolar ID

Bipolar ID is a full service virtual reality production company based in los angeles, providing the highest quality 360º video content & vr experiences available in the market.

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Incite Co.

Incite is a team of technology producers and designers that specialize in taking creative concepts and turning them into reality. For the past 10 years, we’ve helped ad agencies and brands to overcome technical and production challenges, and create seamless experiences when it’s time to go live. We constantly challenge ourselves to have a vast knowledge in consumer technology, digital media, and live events in order to provide solutions to any situation

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Experiential / Virtual Reality

The Uprising Creative

The Uprising Creative is an award-winning integrated creative + production company with a focus on content, experiential, digital, and design. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Chicago, London, and Nashville, they’re a group of passionate thinkers, makers, & doers who are constantly discovering new ways to tell stories and come up with awe inspiring ideas for brands, agencies, and artists.

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Installation Artist / Influencer

Geronimo Balloons

Jihan Zencirli aka Geronimo Balloons uses public space and buildings to create the most viral, clickable, magical installations in the US and abroad.

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Artist / Illustrator / Muralist

Brian Butler

Miami, FL based artist with an agency background and diverse skill-set. He has worked around the world as a muralist, designer, and sketchbook journalist. His work has been showcased across the United States, and as far away as Shanghai, China. His versatility has attracted commissions from far-ranging groups such as Wu-Tang Clan and Microsoft.

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